“Doh Beat Up!”

April is being observed by the Grenada National Council for the Rights of the Child (GNCRC) as “Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month” under the theme “Child Rights and the Constitution: Doh Beat Up!”

Executive member Ann Greaves

Executive member Ann Greaves

GNCRC Vice-Chair Ann Greaves said the Council is on a campaign to not have the nation beat up on the children physically, psychologically, mentally and emotionally.

Appearing on last week’s “Sundays With George Grant” radio programme, Greaves said it has been proven that children experience beatings of any kind, especially boys, end up being more aggressive and can lead to delinquency.

She also expressed GNCRC’s concern about the death of any child in Grenada, or any child who is missing.

Last month 15-year old Secondary School Girl, Britney Baptiste of Good Hope, St. George’s was allegedly murdered at the hands of her brother-in-law, Demlyn Murray alias Dumpling.

Police have charged the 44-year old Murray with capital murder.

Baptiste was first reported missing when she did not show up at home after visiting her sister at Beaulieu, St. George’s.

In recent weeks the police have been issuing a number of missing person bulletins relating to young ladies.

Greaves told the host of the programme that GNCRC is extremely concerned about any child who is experiencing child abuse.

“We express our deep sympathy to the families who are grieving, and we just pray that in time God will bring healing, and not only healing to that particular family or community, but to us as a whole nation because we seem to be sinking and sinking fast,” she said.

Sexual abuse of minors at an early age seems to be one of the worrying forms of abuses for the Council.

According to the executive member of the council, in many instances, sexual abuse is committed by a family member including fathers,brothers, cousins and uncles.

Greaves made a passionate appeal to people knowing about sexual abuse of children taking place to come forward and report the incidents.

“There is not enough outcry… because we as a community we feel that it is not our business, let’s mind our own business, at the same time we’re talking behind curtains and we’re saying all sort of destructive things about the victim. Generally it is the victim that get the backlash,” she said.

“You talk about civil society taking a stand against what’s happening at Camerhogne Park, we need to have a loud voice out there condemning such violation of our children. We need to put a stop to this scourge in our society,” she added.

GNCRC which was formed in 1993 is tasked with raising awareness about the rights of children.
Grenada signed on to the Convention on the Rights of the Child 25 years ago.

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