CEO of SMC praised by Culture Minister

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Spicemas Corporation, Kirk Seetahal has been lauded by Minister of Culture, Senator Brenda Hood for the successful execution of the launch of Spicemas and his tactics used in the operations of the state-controlled body.

Kirk Seetahal - CEO of Spicemas Corporation

Kirk Seetahal – CEO of Spicemas Corporation

According to the Culture Minister, Seetahal has been doing an excellent job in putting things in place for Spicemas 2016 and as such government has no regrets in hiring him.

Speaking to members of the media Tuesday at the weekly post-Cabinet Press Briefing at the Ministerial Complex, Sen. Hood said that she was “very impressed with the work he has been doing…”.

“…We are getting a lot of calls saying he is doing an excellent job and we want to congratulate him. It was a very good move in hiring him and he is very committed, he doesn’t want to fail”, she said.

“He is a man who loves to do things at a professional level and the sky is the limit in terms of him and what he would like to accomplish,” she added.

Sen Hood pointed out that due to Seetahal’s efforts more sponsors are now on board for Spicemas 2016.

She said: “Since last year, the CEO, since he came into the profession, he has been meeting with sponsors. We had looked at getting new sponsors and we have been looking at the ones we have been working with.

“The discussions that have been held over the past month, they have been very positive. He had gotten some feedback in a positive way and I can assure from the launch on Saturday night, the sponsors have indicated that they are very very pleased and they are very impressed with what they have seen,” she added.

The Culture Minister also reflected on the launch of Carnival last Saturday and what she liked about the event.

“What I liked about it was the plan where we started with the children, there was a Children’s village and the young kids had a great time, they had Bouncing Castles, they had everything -face painting.

“….The quality of costumes that I saw is of a very high quality and I know that the locals here, band leaders and so will be doing a lot of work to make sure that the quality of the bands are the best it canbe.

“I’ve been told that there has been interest from all over the world, persons wanting to come from all over the world and participate, and persons wanting to come here and get involved in the bands.

Sen. Hood disclosed that one of the things Spicemas would be strict on this year, under the leadership of CEO Kirk Seetahal, is the prompt start to events.

“A lot of persons will lose out big time if they don’t come on time because if you have to be judged at a certain (time) and you are not there we will just go without you…

“… The thing about it is that you cannot be sitting and waiting for persons because I have been to events which supposed to start at 9 and people start coming in at 11.

“I get very upset when activities start coming in late and I know that the CEO thinks like I do. He is very punctual and people have to understand that when you say you’re going to (start at) a certain time, you’ve got to be there.

The next upcoming event for Spicemas 2016 will be its launch in the twin Republic of Trinidad and Tobago on April 26.

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