Trini Minis Hit the Spice Isle!

The 2016 Easter weekend will be long remembered by many as it marked the inaugural visit of the Trini Mini Club to Grenada.

Minis on Display at Fox Inn

Minis on Display at Fox Inn

‘TriniMini’, the Mini Club of Trinidad and Tobago partnered with the Grenada Motor Club (GMC) to coordinate a special group trip to Grenada, for the club’s tenth anniversary, since it was fully constituted in 2006.

Twenty two (22) classic minis and their owners paraded through a number of villages and parishes, showcasing these vintage models which have generated much interest in their homeland, Trinidad & Tobago and throughout the region.

President of the Grenada Motor Club, Angus DaBreo welcomed the group to Grenada and commented on GMC’s partnership with TriniMini.

“GMC was pleased to partner with and facilitate the group on their first visit to Grenada. As the leading motor club in Grenada, and due to the significant support GMC receives from the community, we were confident that the opportunity to view these vintage cars would be well received by the public. Such cars have amassed quite a following in the international market and it was indeed our pleasure to share this with our followers” he said.

During their stay in Grenada, the TriniMini Club took the opportunity to explore some of the treasures Grenada has to offer including the Mt. Moritz breakfast and the famous beaches.

Additionally, the members visited the Bel Air Children’s Home to give its young residents the unique opportunity to see the cars up-close and interact with the club members.

“The TriniMini Club is a registered non-profit organisation with over forty registered minis and members which include a number of female car owners and children.

In addition to encouraging and actively developing public interest in the ownership of classic minis, the club also arranges and executes charitable events every year as a way to give back to our community.

“We wanted to bring some merit to both of these objectives during our first visit to Grenada, by exhibiting the cars in a number of villages, whilst also engaging the children as the cars are always a big hit with them” said Simon Kissoon, President of the Club.

The Grenada Motor Club on March 19 and 20 successfully held the first of two annual International Drag Racing events at Pearls Speedway, St. Andrew.

GMC is looking forward to the next racing event in October, which will attract racers from across the region.

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