Secondary School Student Murdered

Police are trying to press a murder charge based on circumstantial evidence on a person being held for questioning following the death of a Happy Hill Secondary School Student over the weekend.

Britney Baptiste – was left exposed by the system to the man in the same yard who raped her

Britney Baptiste – was left exposed by the system to the man in the same yard who raped her

Well-placed sources told THE NEW TODAY newspaper that the suspect – considered a member of the family – has not been co-operating with police investigators who have been interviewing him at the St. Paul’s Police station.

The body of 15-year old Britney Baptiste of Good Hope, St. George’s was found on Monday afternoon covered with some balizier leaves after she went missing on Saturday night.

This newspaper understands that the suspect has a number of bruises around the area of the neck, which the police believe might have been caused by someone who was trying to resist him.

A police bulletin issued on Monday said that Baptiste was last seen about 6:00 p.m. on Sunday at Good Hope, wearing a black armless top, blue long pants, and a black pair of shoe.

But shortly after the missing person bulletin was released to the media, a resident of the area who had just come from work discovered Baptiste, lying in a field within close proximity to her home.

The male individual who found the body on the bare surface of the ground told our News Desk that the young girl went missing since Saturday.

He was also upset with report circulating in some sections of the media that the body was found in a shallow grave.

“That is not true. There was no hole. Come let me take you to the spot where I discovered the body covered up and where I took the police to show them the body”, he told two members of THE NEW TODAY who visited the village Tuesday.

He spoke of the 15-year old leaving home to visit a sister in Beaulieu, St. George’s, and was killed within minutes of her arrival back in the area.

He said a group of them were engaged in a cook on Saturday night and his brother saw when the young lady was making her way home just after 10:00 p.m.

According to the young man, when it was detected that Britney did not reach home on the night, his brother came forward to testify that he had seen her going down the pathway leading to her home.

“The only person who saw her within the area here (on Saturday night) was my brother, so nobody didn’t understand that she came back. They didn’t know that she came back (they were saying) she just go and she did not come back, but when he (my brother) said no, no, no, when I opened the door I see she was going down with a bag on she back, and a jeans pants and a black top,” he said.

The villagers are working on the theory that someone in the area attacked Britney as she was nearing the house.

Fingers are being pointed at a particular individual who has often been in police custody.

The killing of Britney came less than a month before she was due to testify in a case of rape brought against the husband of her sister.

The husband lives in the same yard as that of the fifteen year old.

The individual who discovered the body has concluded that Baptiste knew the person who allegedly murdered her.

He said the dogs are fierce and it would have been impossible for someone from outside of the village to come near to the houses to attack Britney without the animals confronting them.

“She would have made noise and it have real dogs down here. We have five dogs. This is a family road and the only people who use this road are this house here and the other one, nobody else.

The villager spoke of a close neighbour reporting that she heard someone pounding her house when she was watching a Chinese Movie late Saturday night.

He speculated it was the killer dragging off the body of Baptiste behind the neighbour’s house and bouncing the sewer line, which would have caused the vibration inside the house.

The body was found less than 100 yards from the house on a slope overlooking a road used by villagers to take them into the mainstream of St. Paul’s.

The individual who found Baptiste’s body said the individual, who is of interest to the police, became uneasy when news surfaced that the body of the young girl was discovered.

He spoke of the individual not joining other members of the village in searching for the missing young girl and this raised alarm.

According to the individual, the suspect was heard saying that he had some meat in the sink and he needed to attend to it.

“One of the men said, boy what stupidness you talking about, (Britney) missing and you talking about meat, he said let the meat spoil,” he quoted the fellow villager as telling the suspect.

The outspoken individual confirmed to this newspaper that the suspect was seen with a number of scratches on his neck and was asked about it.

“He said that when he was coming home on Saturday night a man ambushed him demanding money and they had a scuffle and in the process he was scratched in the vicinity of the neck.

According to the villager, this story did not impress them because the man did not make any such report to the St. Paul’s Police Station.

The police were busy on Tuesday taking statements from several villagers to bring to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions to help guide them on solving the murder of Britney Baptiste.

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