St. Joseph’s Convent St. George Junior Achievers Promotes Healthy Eating and Buy Local

Well Dressed, the St. Joseph’s Convent St. George’s Junior Achievement Company has taken this year’s competition to another level by creating an innovated product from local agricultural products.

Well DressThey are manufacturing Vinaigrettes in six local flavours – Nutmeg, Passion Fruit, Orange, Cucumber, Sorrel and Lime n Honey for the 2015/2016 Junior Achievement competition.

Vinaigrette is used most commonly as a dressing, but it can also be used as a marinade.

“Our product is intended to make salads happier and more exciting which will encourage more people, especially children to eat healthier,” said Sarsha Newton, Public Relations Officer.

She indicated that many people did not like eating salads because they consider it to be boring and bland.

Hence, the concept for their vinaigrette originated to dress up the salad and the name of the company evolved – Well Dressed.

According to Newton, the product is also timely because many persons are developing non-communicable diseases and are realising the importance of eating healthy.

“Well Dressed Vinaigrettes are an ideal local choice to dress their salad thus making it more appetising,” she said.

Some of the main ingredients include vegetable oil, vinegar, seasoning and flavoring.

Well Dressed Vinaigrettes have been tested and approved by both the Produce Chemist Laboratory and the Grenada Bureau of Standards.

VP of Production, Aviel Pivotte, noted that while the demand for Well Dressed Vinaigrettes is high, there is a challenge sourcing the fruits for the various flavours due to the current dry season.

The company, she said would like persons within the community and local farmers with fruits for sale to contact them on 440-5882/449-8992.

The fruits needed are passion fruit, sorrel, lime, oranges, nutmegs and cucumbers.  They are also seeking to purchase honey.

President of Well Dressed, Jonelle Glasgow and VP of Marketing, Sydney Thomas indicated that they are generating awareness of their product to Grenadians, which is key.

The employees of companies to whom letters were sent to introduce the viniagrettes have given positive responses.

“Excellent reviews have been received from product sampling and sales are tremendous,” they said.    Sales will continue at Food Fair, Grand Anse on March 26th and Spiceland Mall on April 2nd.

The company will also target hotels and visitors as their Vinaigrettes can make excellent local gifts to take back to their countries.

Well Dressed Vinaigrettes are only EC$7.00 per bottle.

The company is also looking forward to partnering with MNIB, Ministry of Agriculture and the Grenada Food and Nutrition Council to promote healthy eating, local agro-processing and by extension supporting local farmers.

Junior Achievement is a school-based non-profit programme which targets Form 4 students and educates them about entrepreneurship, work readiness and financial literacy through experiential, hands-on programmes.

The participants are required to create a company, select an executive, decide on a product and manage it as a regular business would.

At the end of the competition, the company is dissolved and profits are shared among the shareholders.

SJC, St. George’s Well Dressed Company is sponsored by GRENLEC with its motto being –  “We Make it… You Dress it!”

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