Camerhogne Park committee meets with Grenadians in Brooklyn

Grenadians in the Brooklyn, New York area have given their support to a committee spearheading efforts to prevent the Keith Mitchell-led government from handing over  Camerhogne Park to a hotel developer.

Sen. Roberts sits on the head table at the forum in Brooklyn, New York to discuss the Camerhogne Park issue

Sen. Roberts sits on the head table at the forum in Brooklyn, New York to discuss the Camerhogne Park issue

Coordinator of the Save Camerhogne Park Committee, Senator Ray Roberts, and President of the Willie Redhead Foundation, Tim Byam, travelled to New York to meet with members of the Grenadian diaspora to discuss the issue.

According to Sen. Roberts, Grenadians living in the U.S city “overwhelmingly rejected any plan for the  commercialisation or sale of Camerhogne Park by the current administration.

The visiting delegation met with hundreds of Grenadians during a three-hour Town hall meeting held at the Holy Cross School last Sunday.

Both Roberts and Byam made a passionate appeal to the Grenadian community to recognise and value the importance of the park to the well-being of the people.

The two also called on the gathering “to use their influence to urge the government to have the investor/developer consider another site for the US$2 million project”.

In his presentation, Sen. Roberts said: “We are here for just one thing – to mobilise your support because you fellow Grenadians are significant contributors to the social and economic well-being of our nation”.

He noted that remittances from Grenadians abroad account for more than 20 percent of the island’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The labour representative in the Upper House if Parliament called on Grenadians living in New York, to become activists in the crusade to save Camerhogne Park.

According to Byam, every Grenadian has a role to play in fighting to save the park by making their voices heard.

He urged them to write letters to Prime Minister Mitchell and to sign the petition being circulated aimed at stopping government from doing away with the park.

The Committee to Save Camerhogne Park has been conducting Town Hall meeting at home and abroad to raise awareness and support for the campaign to save the park from hotel development.

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