No one to answer for Trinidadian death

No one has been found to be culpable for the sudden death of Aron Jameson Horrell, a national of Trinidad and Tobago almost one year ago.

Aron Jameson Horrell - lost his life in a car crash last April

Aron Jameson Horrell – lost his life in a car crash last April

A five-member jury in a Coroner’s Inquest found that Horrell died as a result of severe and extensive head injuries sustained as a result of a high-speed impact coming out of a vehicular accident on April 26, 2015.

Cuban Pathologist, Dr. Mabel Leon Alvarez told the inquest that as a result of the autopsy she conducted on the body of the 29-year old Horrell on April 28th, 2015 the cause of death was extensive brain damage, multiple fractures of frontal and temporal areas, as well as the face of the skull consistent with a motor vehicle accident.

Dr. Alvarez said external examination showed bruises on Horrell’s left leg near to the knee, marks on the right side of the chest, bruises on the neck, an injury to the left side of the face, inches, three bruises to the face, and that there was blood in the mouth.

The driver of another vehicle who witnessed the accident said the Toyota Corolla, registration number PAB 46 which Horrell was driving flipped, hitting one of the poles at the traffic lights in the vicinity of Radisson Beach Resort.

Leon Dennis Silvan told the Coroner that while he was travelling towards Grand Anse, the vehicle driven by Horrell which he estimated to be travelling at a speed of 80 miles per hour, first attempted to overtake him in the vicinity of the old medical station, and then again near to the Grand Anse cemetery.

Silvan said the vehicle was successful in its third attempt in passing him in the area of the CapBank building before it crashed a few feet away.

The inquest learnt that Horrell who came to Grenada in August 2012 to undertake a Masters course of studies in medicine at St. George’s University (SGU) was minutes before attending a concert at the university.

At the time of the accident, he came from St. Paul’s to drop off a young woman who was also at the concert, and was on his way to his home at Frequente, St. George’s.

Horrell was pronounced dead on the scene of the accident by Dr. Francis Martin.
He was buried in Trinidad.

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