Adrian Thomas vs. Oliver Joseph

The main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) is apparently stepping up its political work to try and recapture the St. David’s seat, considered as one of its strongholds in the country.

The party lost the seat in the 2013 general election when current Minister of Economic Development, Oliver Joseph triumphed over Adrian “Persuader” Thomas as NNP won all 15 seats in the poll.

Thomas, a former civil servant and top local calypsonian, has been engaged in a series of Walk-abouts in different villages in St. David.

THE NEW TODAY has obtained the copy of a letter, dated February 27, 2016 that the NDC Executive member has written to the senior government minister on a number of projects promised in the campaign for the last election.

As a public service, this newspaper reproduces the letter in full:

Mr. Oliver Joseph
Parliamentary Representative for St David
Bailles Bacolet
St. David

Dear Sir

I take this opportunity to wish you and your family all the best for the remainder of 2016.

I write in the capacity as caretaker for St. David on behalf of the National Democratic Congress (NDC). This letter therefore addresses a number of issues facing the people of St David.

The issues therein encompass a series of issues.

Roads, bridges, Guard Rails etc.

• The road through Morne Delice, especially the entrance close to Westerhall Point. The area is in dire need of extensive repairs.

• Various sections of the Eastern Main Road, especially the area between the La Sagesse Natural Works and the La Sagesse Baptist Church.

• The entrance of the road leading to the St Dominic’s R.C School and the lone Tourist Attractions in the Laura area. The conditions are terrible and need urgent attention.

• Guard-rails are required near the entrance of Mt Tranquil, as frequent mudslides and poor maintenance have rendered the area a potential threat to public safety.

• The La Pastora to Windsor Forest bypass road was earmarked for rehabilitation. Please provide an update on this project. It is a project that will have a significant impact on the agricultural sector and also ease the pain of residents who have to negotiate poor road surface conditions on a daily basis.

• Requin Bay Road is in a terrible state. It is well known that this area has significant agricultural and fisheries potential.

Community Centers and Sports Facilities

• The Community of Windsor Forest is relatively large and so the need for a functional community center cannot be overstated.

• The Basket Ball Courts at Coals Gap is underutilised. The multi-purpose center that was proposed, as part of the original concept should be built.

• Most if not all playing fields in the parish need improvement in their drainage systems.
This will result in better field surfaces available to residents especially the youths.


• Farm labour support program should be extended and the processes regarding access to the program should be transparent.

• The parish has significant agricultural potential if farmers are assisted with irrigation systems.

• For the second consecutive year, you are on record as saying that a major investment in livestock and poultry will take place at Laura.

Please advise the community as to when the people can expect the project to commence.

Law Enforcement and Security

• The recent unfortunate incident at La Sagesse underscores the need to develop and implement a security system to guard the beaches in the parish.

Please be advised that this is not the first letter I have sent to you as the elected Member of Parliament for the Constituency.

This initiative forms part of our outreach to citizens in the area and to advocate on issues of concern to the people of St. David.

Be further advised that this letter will be copied to the people of St David as the concerns contained were brought to our attention in our weekly Ground Connection Walk-about and engagement throughout the Constituency.

Please accept Sir, our best wishes

Adrian Thomas,
Caretaker for St David National Democratic Congress

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