Victims of boating tragedy to be buried today

Parliamentary Representative for St. Patrick’s East Clifton Paul has appealed to his New National Party (NNP) Government to go just beyond moral support of the families who will today (Friday, February 26th) be burying the two people whose bodies were recovered as a result of a boating mishap on Februray 7th.

Fourteen-year old Shonte Charles, alias “Red Girl,” and 23-year old Gayson “Bells” Grant of River Sallee, St. Patrick’s will both be laid to rest at the River Sallee Cemetery following a Funeral Service at the River Sallee Pentecostal Church.

They both died as a result of asphyxia by drowning.

Charles and Grant were among 11 people who were in an 18-foot horse-power speedboat destined for Carriacou.

Paul told last week’s sitiing of the House of Representatives  this is the time when the people of River Sallee and Mt. Rose in St. Patrick’s are in need of support.

He said that based on the socio-economic status of the families who will be burying their loved ones today, they need more than moral support.

“This is the time when we must extend our moral support and all support… to these families,” he told his fellow Parliamentarians.

“I want to ask our beloved government to stretch forth a hand to these people,” he added.

Paul who was overcome with tears while making his presentation in the House spoke of being deeply saddened and heartbroken over the tragedy.

He also said the people of his rural constituency and in particular, the village of River Sallee are very tense and traumatised over the incident, and are yet to come to grips with what happened.

Five people including the boat captain, Kimei Richardson from Brunswick, Carriacou survived the mishap, while another four who were on the excursion to Carriacou for the pre-Lenten Carnival Celebartions are yet to be recovered.

The 30-year old Richardson has been charged by  police for Manslaughter by negligence in connection with the death of Charles who was a student of Mac Donald College in St. Patrick’s.

Paul said the families of the four who are not yet recovered are the ones who are in deep and severe pain.

According to the Member of Parliament for St. Patrick’s East, the entire community of River Sallee are in mourning as the residents are closely knitted.

“Everybody interacts and socialises with everybody. So the entire community… is at pain,” he interjected.

Foreign Affairs Minister, Dr. Clarice Modeste disclosed that Consul-General in New York, Rosemarie Welsh along with a group of Grenadians are making efforts to secure financial assistance from Grenadians in the diaspora for the grieving families.
Minister Modeste said the pain and hurt over the tragedy was also felt externally by Grenadians living abroad.

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