RUBIS’ new Diesel product is environment friendly

It’s little to no smoke, its engine empowerment; it’s a cleaner and smoother drive with Ultra Low, Ultra Tec Sulphur Diesel.

This is the boast being made by RUBIS as it launched a new diesel fuel aimed at improving the quality of diesel being offered at their service stations around the island.

CEO of RUBIS Caribbean, Mauricio Nicholls

CEO of RUBIS Caribbean, Mauricio Nicholls

The launch of the product – also aimed at lessening the effects of global warming – took place at the Conference room of the Radisson Grand Beach Resort last Wednesday.

This Ultra Low, Ultra Tec Sulphur Diesel, according to RUBIS is an upgrade to SOL’s Low Sulphur Diesel – its main competitor in the business.

Marketing Manager of RUBIS, Andrea Gooding, explained the benefits of the product, saying that it is an advanced fuel additive which keeps vehicles running like new.

“It’s a cleaner diesel product. You will be able to basically drive cleaner and some of you would have seen vehicles driving and seeing the black smoke that comes out. Diesel has a very high sulphur content, it’s around what we call 5000 parts per million (but) with low sulphur diesel the parts per million is 500 but with Ultra Low sulphur diesel, the sulphur content is only 15 parts per million…it’s better for vehicles, it’s also a lot better for the environment as well,” she said.

Gooding stressed that the content of the diesel helps to bring out an engine’s best performance, as it prevents build up and removes deposit from the engine fuel injectors, combustion chambers and valve.

“You’re not only getting Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel but you’re getting an additive in there, the Ultra tec. It lowers maintenance costs, will reduce wear and tear, and basically saves you money. It has an anti-foaming effect, so it enables you to actually fuel faster.

“It allows reduction in exhaust smoke, reduction in Sulphur emissions and less exhaust odor and basically when you use Ultra Tech, Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel you are again still be able to drive cleaner, longer, smoother and better.

In light of the skeptics, CEO of RUBIS Caribbean, Mauricio Nicholls gave the assurance that what is being advertised is what consumers will receive.

“The logistics of it, is that we could not empty in the service station tanks and remove the old diesel to launch the new diesel. So we have been for several weeks now, delivering it to the service stations but not announcing that it is Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel…because we have done this for two months now. We are confident that what we have now at the service station is Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel”, he said.

“…We would never advertise, or sell or make any claim if it’s not true. It’s not who we are, that is not what we do – when we say this is the product, this is the product and there is no exception to that. We’re very, very firmly on that, when we make a promise to the consumer, we keep that promise. When we say it is Ultra Low Sulphur, it’s not that (and) it would be Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel … it will be Ultra low sulphur diesel all the time,” he added.

The launch was also addressed by Minister of State responsible for Disaster Management, Senator Winston Garraway who saw the move by Rubis as one that will help Grenada to fulfill its commitment made at COP 21 Paris agreement to reduce green house emissions.

“It is saying to me and saying to us that Grenada will be compliant to holding the temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius and of course we can’t do it alone. I wanna send another strong message to the nation; it is dependent upon all of us to agree to making this work for us.

“We are seeing what is happening around the world. The world need to know that if as nations we do not come to the table and agree to holding temperature rise to less than 1.5, many countries that we know today will be no more.

“You (Rubis) are helping us to continue to lead at the front and as a government we will continue to do everything that is necessary to ensure that we protect our homeland.”

The Ultra Low, Ultra Tec Sulphur Diesel is already at the pumps with no added cost to consumers.

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