Prayer and Candlelight Vigil at Camerhogne Park

Despite persistent showers in the Grand Anse area, dozens of people braved the weather and participated in a one hour prayer and candlelight vigil at Camerhogne Park on Saturday evening.

The event also included the singing of patriotic songs, poetry and drumming.

The vigil was another in the series of activities to protest government’s plans to sell the park to an Egyptian billionaire for a hotel and villa project.

Close to 15, 000 Grenadians have already signed the petition to save Camerhogne Park.

With another four weeks to go before the petition drive is completed, organisers say they expect the number to reach close to 20, 000.

Earlier this year, the Committee to Save Camerhogne Park wrote to Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell appealing to him to recognise that Camerhogne Park is the last green space available for ordinary people to enjoy the world famous Grand Anse Beach.

The committee believes that no amount of money can compensate for the health and wellbeing of Grenadians.

The Committee to Save Camerhogne Park reiterates it is not against the $200 million dollar project but strongly urges the government to choose another location from the many other available areas to accommodate the investment.

The Committee has already stated its opposition to the suggestion by the Prime Minister that the park can be relocated to the Grand Anse Basketball/Tennis Courts and the area next to the Umbrella Beach Club, and has made it clear both areas are inappropriate.

In the case of the Grand Anse Sports Complex, the committee welcomes the offer to improve the facility but not as a replacement for Camerhogne Park.

According to the committee, both the Roman Catholic Church and the Grand Anse Cemetery are likely to be negatively impacted if the park is relocated to that area.

Citing the close proximity of the area near to Umbrella Restaurant to the Coyaba Hotel, the committee said staging cultural activities there surely will be an annoyance to the owners.

The Committee to Save Camerhogne Park calls on Grenadians from all walks of life to join in the increasing number of citizens and say no to the destruction of Camerhogne Park.

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