Multi-million dollar hotel project breaks ground

A local developer, C&C Grenadines Ltd., has unveiled plans for the construction of an exclusive world-class luxury resort, ‘The Pointe at Petite Calivigny’.

The multi-million dollar project, which is being constructed in 2 phases, was set to commence Tuesday with a view to transforming the sloping eleven 11-acre site, which overlooks Petite Calivigny Bay and boasts a 180-degree view of Calivigny Island and nearby marinas.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of C&C Grenadines, Dr. Christofer Ashby and Implementation Minister Alexander Otway-Noel turn the sod to signal the start of the project

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of C&C Grenadines, Dr. Christofer Ashby and Implementation Minister Alexander Otway-Noel turn the sod to signal the start of the project

During the ground-breaking ceremony on the site last week Friday, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of C&C Grenadines, United States-born Dr. Christofer Ashby, said the first phase of the project is expected to be completed in the next 24 months and will feature a 32 room Private Residence Club.

This phase of the project is being constructed to the tune of approximately “EC$40 million,” Dr. Ashby said, adding that the second phase will cost an estimated “$88 million.”

He pointed out that, “The Point of Calivigny will be operated as a private resident club,” and cab be considered as “a totally new hospitality project for product in Grenada.”

Dr. Ashby described the undertaking as “a very unique product,” pointing to the “well known fact that the majority of vacation home owners spend more than four weeks per year in their second home”.

“Another interesting fact is that over 60% of home-owners spend at least two weeks of their time doing maintenance and improvement,” he said.

He emphasised that the “beauty of The Point of Calivigny ownership and rental structures is that owners and visitors can spend their time relaxing while experiencing service levels equivalent to a five star hotel.”

Excavation is taking place on the project site at Petite Calivigny

Excavation is taking place on the project site at Petite Calivigny

When completed, The Pointe at Petite Calivigny, will feature a combination of condominiums, villas & seaside rooms, exquisite dining options and intimate indoor & outdoor entertainment areas.

In addressing the groundbreaking ceremony, Minister for Implementation, Alexandra Otway Noel who is a former Tourism Minister, said that a project of this magnitude is good for the country pointing to the marketing strategy set out under the “Pure Grenada” brand.

“I think is well known that Grenada has created a demand out there in the world…and the calibre of guests that we want and are planning to come to Grenada, they want to spend more time and so developments like these are needed because what it creates is a long stay opportunity for people who want to come and spend 2 or 3 or 4 weeks and longer,” she said.

The minister noted that “a lot of these (high-end) people that the development would attract have yachts,” and expressed the view that the project will provide a boost to the Clarke’s Court Bay Marina, which is considered the largest of its kind in the Southern Caribbean.

Although it is claimed that the project falls under the Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programme, Ashby told reporters that he came to live in Grenada at the tender age of four with his family and has been a “Grenadian citizen” since.

His father was employed as Chief Veterinary Officer with the labour party government of late Prime Minister, Sir Eric Gairy.

“Grenada is where I grew up, it is my home. And being a Grenadian, I am happy to give back to my country through my foundation and my business ventures. I also have a special interest in education and have invested in the education of Grenada’s youth which will lay a solid foundation for the future of this island,” Dr. Ashby declared.

He sees The Pointe at Petite Calivigny project as “a superb opportunity” to continue contributing to fellow citizens by providing employment for many in both the construction and hospitality industries.

“C&C Grenadines are committed to creating a Resort that will become the Caribbean Resort destination, offering a once in a lifetime vacation experience here in Pure Grenada”, said Dr. Ashby.

C&C Grenadines was first founded in 2008 and is the brainchild of Dr. Ashby, who after a successful career in structured finance, mergers & acquisitions and business development in the telecommunication, banking, shipping and insurance sectors, returned to Grenada where he currently resides on the Sister Isle of Carriacou.

He has contributed to the development of the country’s human resource through his foundation, The Ashby Windward Foundation, in which 74 academic scholarships have been provided to young Grenadians, and 108 surgical procedures have been facilitated since the organisation was first formed in 2005.

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