The Keith Mitchell Foundation Inc. to assist needy Grenadians

A foundation has been launched in the name of Dr. Keith Mitchell to assist with the advancement and development of less fortunate individuals within the tri-island state of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

Four members of the Keith Mitchell Foundation Inc. (L –R): Jerome Mc Quilkin, Chairman Sir Royston Hopkin, Ronald Charles, Secretary and Dr. Elliot Mc Guire, Treasurer

Four members of the Keith Mitchell Foundation Inc. (L –R): Jerome Mc Quilkin, Chairman Sir Royston Hopkin, Ronald Charles, Secretary and Dr. Elliot Mc Guire, Treasurer

The Keith Mitchell Foundation Incorporated was officially launched Monday at the Spice Island Beach Resort in Grand Anse.

THE NEW TODAY understands that Prime Minister Mitchell, will not be directly involved with the operation of the foundation and has appointed a six-member committee to build on his vision.

The committee is chaired by prominent hotelier, Sir. Royston Hopkin, who is also involved in the annual distribution of funds to assist needy graduates from the Grand Anse Primary School in making a transition from primary to secondary school and even higher education.

Other committee members are Jerome Mc Quilkin, Ronald Charles as Secretary, Dr. Elliot McGuire as Treasurer, Kent Mitchell, who is the brother of Dr. Mitchell and Grenadian-born ex-Canadian parliamentarian, Jean Augustine.

Addressing the media during Monday’s launch, Sir Royston pointed out that the Foundation, which is still in its formative stages, is being undertaken by Dr. Mitchell, not in his capacity as Prime Minister but as an individual.

“That’s why he has formed the foundation with a committee to galvanise the vision…so he would not be involved in the foundation but it’s the responsibility of the members to galvanise on his vision,” Sir Royston said.

Noting that “the foundation is for needy persons,” Sir Royston explained that the committee seeks to achieve its goal through the facilitation of “training and education of (eligible) persons, provision of material and other necessary support of other charitable ventures and causes, and the creation of a platform for the general population of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique for needy persons.”

In highlighting the need for such initiatives, Sir Royston said, it is the intention “to have the Keith Mitchell Foundation very visible in Grenada.”

He indicated that a lot of emphasis would be placed on raising funds beyond the Grenadian shores, noting that the committee is aware that “with our limited financial resources…what we would like to do as a committee, we cannot raise the type of funding that we will need to be able to galvanize to help the needy.”

He also pointed to the lack of resources to assist needy persons and the high unemployment rate in the country.

“When you talk about the need for assisting the needy I could be the best advocate,” adding that “needy goes beyond education because there are a lot of people that need. So it’s very broad based”, he remarked.

It is Sir Royston’s view that “without giving the needy an opportunity to develop themselves…the possibility of the advancement of all of us will be inhibited and restricted because the younger folks and the needy do not get an opportunity.”

Additionally, he noted, “all the proceeds from Dr. Mitchell’s recently launched book ‘Words of Service’ will go towards the work of the foundation.”

Despite Monday’s launch, committee members were not in a position to provide much information on how persons can apply for assistance under the foundation.

“It’s a little early,” Sir Royston said, adding that “we just launched the book and we are just trying to get the book out in various areas. So it’s a work in progress.

“As Chairman of the committee, I did not want to wait until all of this is unfolding. I thought it prudent and responsible of us as a committee to let you know where we are going and as we go along we will feed you with information as to those structures that would be put in place to look at funding opportunities for people”, he said. Committee members echoed that once the Foundation is fully functioning there would be a separate committee to look at the requests for assistance.

A website is also in the making, which will help push forward the agenda of the Keith Mitchell Foundation, which is expected to be fully registered locally, regionally and internationally within the coming weeks.

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