Actions to Save Camerhogne Park continues

Wednesday saw the hosting of a lunch-in at the Camerhogne Park and this was followed by a candlelight vigil as The Save Camerhoge Park Committee takes further steps to keep the issue live in the minds in Grenadians.

The committee has sent out a bulletin explaining that the momentum must continue to allow government to see that Grenadians are serious about preserving Camerhogne Park.

“Join the Save Camerhogne Park Committee in its campaign to save the people’s park from commercialisation and hotel construction. Beginning this Wednesday and continuing bring your lunch and let’s all sit in the park and have a family meal from12 noon to 1 PM”, the committee said in a release.

“…We are inviting all Grenadians especially those who work and/or live in the Grand Anse/Morne Rouge area. Invite a friend and come demonstrate your solidarity. We must save the People’s Park and preserve it for generations to come. Construct the hotel elsewhere!”, the bulletin added.

The committee has collected in excess of 13, 000 signatures of Grenadians to pressure government on its plans to turn the park over to a developer.

THE NEW TODAY understands that 3,000 signatures were obtained online from Grenadians in the United Kingdom and the United States.

According to the release there is overwhelming support on social media for its efforts.

It said that, “the vast majority of people posting comments are calling on the government to recognise the cultural and historical value of the park to Grenadians and visitors; and to reject any proposal for construction in the park”.

The committee has decided to intensify its campaign with the holding of weekly Lunch-in and a Candlelight vigil that was held last Thursday.

THE NEW TODAY Newspaper spoke with the spokesperson for The Save the Camerhogne Park Committee, Ray Roberts on Tuesday about the significance of the vigil.

“It is to draw people’s attention to the fact that we’re losing a particular space…that will be lost forever,” Roberts told this newspaper.

He said the awareness will continue as the space that is enjoyed at the Camerhogne Park by the people has become part of their lives and it’s a piece of heritage that cannot be lost.

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