“Tug Life” Remanded for Maiming

Andre "Tug Life" LaTouche - charged with maiming

Andre “Tug Life” LaTouche – charged with maiming

Park Lane, St. George’s resident Andre LaTouche who is known locally around the city as “Tug Life” has been remanded to custody at the Richmond Hill prison on a charge of maiming.

LaTouche is accused of inflicting a wound on the right wrist of St. Paul’s resident, Seon Calliste on January 31.
The court was told by a Police Investigator that Calliste who is warded at the St. George’s General Hospital may not have further use of the hand.

“Tug Life” who has had a number of previous convictions of a similar nature, appeared before Chief Magistrate, Her Honour Tamara Gill on Monday at the St. George’s No.1 Magistrate’s Court without legal representation.

Police Prosecutor, Sergeant Vah Lambert objected to bail being granted to LaTouche indicating that the accused allegedly committed the crime while on bail for two other similar matters.

Sgt. Lambert also informed the presiding Magistrate that LaTouche has a history of previous records of committing crimes of grievous harm, and wounding, the last of which was committed in 2013.

LaTouche who responded to the bail objection raised by the female Prosecutor acknowledged that he had violated the law in the past, but told the court he has begun to change his life around.

The accused who lost his left wrist some years ago said he is now operating his own business by selling items such as cigarettes.

“Tug Life” is due back in court on March 4th.

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