Sen. Humphrey: “I am getting more converts every day”

President of the Senate Chester Humphrey believes there are Members of the Upper House of Parliament including Political Leader of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Senator Nazim Burke who are buying into the so-called “Project Grenada” concept.

Sen. Humphrey made the comment soon after Sen. Burke completed his contribution to the debate on the Tax Administration Bill 2016  during a sitting of the Senate last week Friday.

He referred to the Opposition Senator’s usual “brilliance” being demonstrated in the debate, noting that the session resulted in the Senate seeing the best of Grenada coming forward.

According to the Senate President, in presiding over the sitting he reminded himself of his call for what he described as “Project Grenada,” which he said is an engagement by persons of different views and different persuasions in the interest of Grenada.

“I am happy to hear of all of the presentations, especially that of Senator Burke who, although he is not titled the Leader of the Opposition, he wears that title in another quarter, but the fact is
that we can engage and give of our best when it comes to serving the common interest of this country,” he said.

“It would seem that my “Project Grenada” is well on its way. I am getting more converts every day. I feel profoundly happy about this, and I want to thank you,” he added.

Sen. Humphrey is largely credited with introducing the “Project Grenada” concept to describe the association forged between expelled members of Congress and their once bitter political foe, Dr. Keith
Mitchell and his New National Party (NNP).

Under the “Project Grenada” banner, former Congress members including ex-Foreign Affairs Minister, Peter David, former Works Minister Joesph Gilbert, and ex-party Chairman, Colin La Barrie took up membership with NNP.

Sen. Humphrey, the current President-General of the Technical & Allied Workers Union (TAWU), was once regarded as the fiercest critic on the island of Prime Minister Mitchell who has dominated the local political landscape over the past 20 years.

Congress officials are said to be distrustful of  “Project Grenada” and view it as a clandestine move by the Humphrey/David/Mitchell alliance to crush NDC with the hope of creating a one-party State in Grenada.

Labour Representative in the Senate, Raymond Roberts held a different view from that of  the Senate President.

He told the sitting that Sen. David, one of the persons engaged in promoting “Project Grenada” will have to counsel him some more in order to get him to fully buy into “Project Grenada.”

“I am far, far away,” said Sen. Roberts who was once a close ally of Humphrey in the trade union movement.

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