Grenadians say “NO” to sale of Camerhogne Park

More than 13,000 Grenadians at home and abroad have signed the national petition to save Camerhogne Park.

According to Senator Ray Roberts, Chairman of the Save Camerhogne Park Committee, the 10,000th mark in Grenada was recorded last Thursday, February 12th.

Additionally, Sen. Roberts said more than 3,000 Grenadians primarily in the United Kingdom and the United States have signed the online petition.

The Save Camerhogne Park Committee described the public support now trending on social media as overwhelming.

It notes the vast majority of people posting comments are calling on the government to recognise the cultural and historical value of the park to Grenadians and visitors; and to reject any proposal for construction in the park.

According to the Committee, its Occupy Camerhogne Park activity, following the 42nd anniversary of Independence celebrations on February 7, was the most vivid and patriotic display of Grenadians’ opposition to the sale of the lone green space on the world famous Grand Anse Beach.

The committee noted that more than 3000 people came through the park during the eight-hour event.

In the coming weeks, the Save Camerhogne Park Committee will intensify its campaign to prevent the sale of the park to an Egyptian billionaire.

During the Lenten season, the committee plans to hold a weekly prayer vigil and candle lighting at Camerhogne Park.

It will also mobilise citizens to stage a weekly lunch-in where they can come to the park at midday on Wednesdays to have their lunch.

The Committee also noted with grave concern statements by Government Senators, Sheldon Scott and Winston Garraway saying that social partners were consulted.

The committee views this as a blatant attempt to mislead the public.

The committee noted that the Social Partners were presented with an architect’s impression of a relocated Camerhogne Park at Umbrella’s and the Grand Anse Basketball and Tennis Courts and what it would look like. This, the committee said, cannot be considered as consultation.

The Save Camerhogne Park Committee is a coalition of civil society groups, workers, professionals, and citizens in general.

The Committee’s goal is to raise public awareness and prevent the relocation and/or sale of Camerhogne Park.

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