Tragedy on the High Seas

The northern parish of St. Patrick’s was plunged into sudden mourning last Sunday as a boating excursion on its way from the mainland to Carriacou ended in tragedy.

The 18-foot horse-power speedboat carrying 11 persons which left Levera Beach in St. Patrick’s sank in rough waters in the vicinity of Sugar Loaf Island.

The group which included one female reportedly left the mainland to attend the annual pre-Lenten Carnival Celebrations on the sister island over the last weekend when tragedy struck them.

Unfortunately, the lone female who is known in her small village as “Red Girl” perished in the tragedy.

The body of the Mac Donald College female student was found among rocks the following day by a search party.

A well-placed source told THE NEW TODAY newspaper that relatives were not aware that the 14-year old young lady was among the group that undertook the daring journey by night in rough seas to Carriacou.

The source said one of the survivors claimed that when they left Levera the water was calm, but later the tides turned around making it difficult to manoeuvre the boat in the choppy waters.

According to the source the boat began taking in water from the back causing it to sink, tossing the passengers into the water.

A police bulletin states that the alarm was raised by one of the persons who managed to swim ashore.

Five persons have been accounted for, while an intense search is on to recover the other five people including the brother of former Youth Minister, Patrick Simmons up to the time of going to press on Wednesday.

The Grenada Coast Guard, the Maurice Bishop Search and Rescue Unit, the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard, the Regional Security System, and private boat owners have been assisting in the search.

Police have since taken into custody the captain of the boat as part of their investigation.

With hope seem to be lost in finding the rest of the men each passing day, family and friends were engaged in a candlelight vigil that took them from River Sallee Junction to Levera Beach on Tuesday.

Police are complaining about not getting the full co-operation of some of the persons who were on the boat.

Speculation is rife that the boat involved in the mishap was used by some persons who were recently apprehended by members of the Drug Squad for engaging in illegal activities on the island.

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