Grenada consulate in New York to retake control of independence committee

Rosemarie Welsh – signals her intention to take charge

Rosemarie Welsh – signals her intention to take charge

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK — Grenada’s recently appointed consul general in New York, Rosemarie Welsh, has wasted no time in asserting her authority, saying that control of the Grenada Independence Committee in New York will revert to the Consulate.

The independence committee in New York was previously under the auspices of the Grenada consulate, but for the last eight years has been controlled by Derek James, a controversial figure, who has been managing the funds raised by the committee.

Welsh announced at a recent meeting that next year there will be a new committee that will be headed by the New York consulate.

Welsh was omitted from Grenada’s independence church service program held on Sunday, there reportedly being no mention or recognition of her whatsoever.

James was widely criticised for his efforts to undermine the new Consul General and he was also accused of a breach of protocol.

Grenadians in New York, especially those who campaigned for a new Consul General, vigorously criticized James for his behaviour at the independence church service.

“It is outrageous,” said Peter Charles, a Grenadian in New York, adding that it reminds him of the “antics that are being used to disrupt and fog what is going on.”

Other Grenadians in New York have extended apologies to Welsh for the inappropriate treatment and lack of civility on the part of James at the independence church service.

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