Care institutions equipped with solar panels

Three care institutions on the island have been furnished with solar panels to help them reduce the cost of electricity on a monthly basis. The sole electricity provider in the country, GRENLEC agreed to assist the institutions as part of its Community Partnership Initiative.

Representatives of care institutions are seen in the company of officials from GRENLEC

Representatives of care institutions are seen in the company of officials from GRENLEC

The three institutions – Belair Home, Queen Elizabeth Home and Grand Anse Gardens Home for the Aged – received 14 kilowatts of solar each, costing the electricity company $128,000.00.

In a handing over ceremony at the Grand Anse Gardens Home for the Aged on Thursday, Chief Engineer of GRENLEC, Clive Hosten, told the gathering that the homes can expect a significant reduction in their electricity bills due to the installation of the solar panels.

“With this PV initiative, it basically falls in line with our interconnection policy where …. the energy produced from the solar panels will basically be used to offset the energy bill of the care institutions”, he said.

“… Essentially it lowers the energy cost, lower energy bills and that is over the lifetime of the panels which is 20 years. So we see this as a significant benefit for the three institutions but not only that, but the 42 kilowatts of solar helps to reduce our carbon footprints,” he added.

Representatives from the three homes expressed their gratitude to GRENLEC for donating the solar panels. “I just saw … last month’s electrical bill and it really makes me feel good, thanks to GRENLEC,” said Marion Pierre of the Queen Elizabeth Home.

“This recent installation of the panels, we’re so happy to have that …because it will help us to help the less fortunate and helping us to provide the best care for our nation’s children,” remarked Lisa Charles of Belair Home.

“This home relies heavily on donations and this sort of care will help us in a way I can’t even begin to tell you. We have a very, very large debt with GRENLEC and I am waiting to smile like Queen Elizabeth when I see what’s going to be happening to us,” added Allison Sylvester of Grand Anse Home for the Aged.

Over the years, GRENLEC has been using some of its profits to assist a number of institutions on the island

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