The Linnea Veinotte PI case

Four witnesses have already given evidence before Chief Magistrate, Her Honour, Tamara Gill in the Preliminary Inquiry (PI) into the death of Linnea Veinotte who died on December 6, 2015.

Among the four witnesses, is the husband, Matt, who provided the court with an overall account of the moments he shared with his wife whom he was living with at Lance Aux E’pines, St. George’s before she went out on her regular run, and all that transpired for the rest of the day.

The prosecution witness also recounted events that ocurred days after his wife’s death.

At one point in his testimony, Matt became slightly emotional when he was asked by the Director of Public Prosecutions, Christopher Nelson, QC who is leading the evidence for the State if he had seen his wife anytime again.

The 36 year-old Veinotte who resided at Coral Crescent, Lance Aux Epines in the south of the island went missing on Sunday, December 6th while out walking the family dog, Nico.

Police immediately mounted an island-wide search for the Canadian woman who, up the time of her death, was a teacher at the St. George’s University, and five days later, Veinotte’s partially decomposed body was found at Golf Course, St. George’s.

Murder accused 26 year-old Akim Frank led the lawmen to a wooded area in Golf Course where he allegedly disposed the body.

Frank who is from Jean Anglais, St. George’s is facing a charge of non-capital murder in connection with Veinotte’s death.

The suspect, clad in a green short-sleeve shirt with blue jeans pants with a brown belt, and wearing a black pair of shoes, sat calmly in the prisoner’s dock.

Frank is being represented by Attorney-at-Law, Peter David.

The other witnesses who give evidence were Frank’s employer, Roy DeFreitas, his brother, Daryl Frank and a neighour of the deceased.

Six more witnesses including a doctor and a pathologist are expected to give evidence on behalf of the State.

The PI will resume on February 22 at the St. George’s No.1 Magistrate’s Court.

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