Insulting remarks from Otway-Noel

We the members of the Save Camerhogne Park Committee take strong offense with the statement made by the Parliamentary Representative for South St. George, the Honourable, Alexandra Otway-Noel during a Sitting of the House of Representatives on Tuesday, questioning our patriotism, and claiming that we were encouraging citizens to boycott the National Independence Celebrations.

To the contrary we the members of the Committee have publicly and strongly encouraged our citizens to attend the celebrations in national colors and to salute our nation, and at the end of the events, join us at Camerhogne Park for a family day, demonstrating our collective opposition to the sale of the Park.

We wish to tell the Honourable Minister that opposing and protesting the sale of Camerhogne Park ought not to make any citizen disloyal or anti-government.

As citizens we consider it our civic duty to speak out on issues that we believe affect the country and more so our patrimony.

We call on the Honourable Member of Parliament, who also referred to those in opposition to the sale of the Park as people grappling with straws because they have nothing else to talk about, to appreciate that we live in a democracy and therefore withdraw her insulting comments.

The Minister is well aware that cherished institutions such as the Willie Redhead Foundation and Civil Society, have both opposed the Government’s initiative and to belittle them demonstrates that we as citizens cannot have disagreement without politicising the issue.

(The above reflects the views of the Save Camerhogne Park Committee)

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