New Hospital on the horizon

The three year old Keith Mitchell administration in St. George’s has once again signalled its intention to build a new hospital on the island.

Health Minister Nickolas Steele made the announcement in Parliament last week Tuesday, saying that government is engaged in consultation on the construction of a new hospital through a private/public partnership.

He did not give details but said government had assembled a team which includes international partners with whom they have confidence for the building of a new hospital.

Minister Steele made no mention of what will become of the existing General Hospital or where the new one is to be built but pointed out that the proposed new hospital could see a ground-breaking sometime this year.

He promised that an announcement will be made within the next month.

However, the Health Minister was quick to add that no government should contemplate building a new hospital until it is able to manage the one that is currently in operation.

Minister Steele also made some passing comments on the Zika Virus which has now made its way into the region.

The senior government minister said his ministry has partnered with Women and Health Association International which is based in Paris, France to confront the virus since it presents certain challenges to women.

Members of the association were expected to be in Grenada on Wednesday to begin consultation and to undertake an assessment of the state of Grenada’s readiness.

The Health Minister announced that the team will also be carrying blood-testing machines that will be able to test for not just the Zika Virus, but also Chickungunya, and Dengue.

At present there are no confirmed cases of the Zika Virus in Grenada.

However, Minister Steele admonished Grenadians to remain vigilant, and to prepare for it as he believes it will eventually enter the island.

“We need to as a society stop keeping mosquitoes as house pets. We need to as a society to recognise if mosquitoes exist in our house so too, the possibility of Zika, and as long as we have those mosquitoes in the house, as an individual, or individuals expose ourselves to the risk,” he said.

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