Urgent Medical Care needed for former Cricketer

The wife of a former under-19 Cricketer is in search of US$112,000.00 to obtain critical medical care for her husband who is suffering from colon cancer.

Brian Alexander who left Grenada to seek medical attention in Colombia

Brian Alexander who left Grenada to seek medical attention in Colombia

Brian Alexander of Resource, St. Mark’s who has been diagnosed with the health condition last October, has already had the first phase of treatment done in Colombia to have a cancerous tumor in his colon removed.

According to family members, local doctors have advised them that the operation cannot be handled at the General Hospital in St. George’s.

His wife, Olivia told THE NEW TODAY newspaper because chemotherapy was not previously done to shrink the tumor, the doctors felt that it was too big for them to handle and as a result a bypass surgery was done on December 15.

Olivia said her husband also visited the Chinese medical team on board the Ark Peace when it came to Grenada last December where a CT scan showed that the tumor had spread to areas around the colon, and not to the main organs.

She said they had no alternative than to   seek medical attention outside of Grenada, in order to journey to Colombia they first had to come up with US$20,000, and then pay the rest of the bill by installments.

Through the efforts of JIPA whose Director, Kester Nedd is Olivia’s uncle, they were advised that Brian needs “professional care.”

JIPA Network collaborates with medical experts with state-of-the-art technologies and services in order to provide patients with access to health care, critical medical services, and elected procedures.

It was felt that Colombia is the ideal country for Brian to seek the medical treatment needed as that country manufactures chemotherapy.

The wife also indicated that they were advised that not everyone who is diagnosed with colon cancer would receive the same treatment.

“They (the doctors) will take the cells and try different therapy on them, and the one that works the fastest will be the one that will be used on you,” she explained.

Olivia revealed that her husband who is now 34 years old only gets intense pain in the stomach when the “tumor is acting up,” and he has already lost a lot of weight.

Brian who previously weighed a little over 270 pounds, now has a weight of 160 pounds.

An account in the name of Brian Alexander has been set up at the Grenada Co-operative Bank Limited for persons wishing to make a financial contribution to the cause.

The account number is 211000380.

The St. Mark’s Cricket Council of which Brian is associated will be having an all-day cricket match extravaganza on February 8 to raise funds for him.

Olivia is thankful to the General Public who has heeded their appeal for financial assistance, prayers and support.

She said she can feel the prayers coming from the people although it has become a painful exercise for her having to cope with her husband’s condition.

The family who is associated with the Seventh-Day Adventist Church has faith that God will intervene and take charge of Brian’s recovery.

“It is hard, but somehow I believe that he will be well again, and he has a lot of faith as well,” she told THE NEW TODAY with a confident look.

Once the operation is successful, Brian has to remain in Colombia for six to eight months to continue being administered the chemotherapy effectively.

The couple has a six-year old daughter.

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