Too much sexual violence!!!

Grenada Association of Professional Social workers (GAPSW), is committed to highlighting acts of Criminal/sexual violence in Grenada’s society. These acts violate basic human rights.
GAPSW is distressed by:

• One more death of a female person, in this instance a tourist, on La Sagesse beach.

•       Allegedly, the perpetrator was a ‘repeated offender’ recently released early from prison on ‘good behaviour’.

Conversantly GAPSW poses the following questions: What

1.      Constitutes ‘good behaviour’

2.      Risk assessment implemented in order to safeguard the community

3.      Method of therapy do the prison administration offer inmates

4.      Type of aftercare monitoring takes place

5.      Policy and procedures are in place with regards to ‘early release’

Of equal concern:

•       Is the Increased number of females murdered. The current statistic from 2012; is 12 homicides, of this12, 8 homicides were committed by either their partners or ex-partners.

Immeasurable impact/cost to the state:

For example:

•  The tourist industry –  potential revenue loss

•  PURE GRENADA – reputation may be soiled

•  Potential damage to – ‘PURE GRENADA’ MUSIC FESTIVAL

• Public funding – alleged offenders inability to fund legal services

Dysfunctional Household resulting in lack of –

•  Appropriate early years (0-5) discipline

•  Attachments and bonding – abusive/irresponsible parenting

•  Emotional intelligence/mental ability  – ability to think before acting-up

•  A sense of self-worth, identity and belonging

It is well documented that individuals lacking in any two or more of the above may be susceptible to emotional instability. Accordingly, they are unable to form healthy emotional attachments; thus he/she cannot make decisions for the good of self or others.

Repeated incidents especially those of a sexual violent nature create a state of fear; most realistically amongst female citizens and their family thus endangering health and safety. This therefore begs the question; is Grenada still a ‘safe haven’ in the eyes of:

•       potential visitors

•       returnees,

•       investors

•       and the local female population.

Regionally, GRENADA is safe. However we need not become complacent.
There are individuals within the community that have severe psychological disorders. Without appropriate assessment and therapy, these volatile individuals are time-released-bomb.


The role of parents and state in children social, emotional and cognitive development necessitates initiatives and emerging agendas for early intervention and multi-agency working.
With mature and developing services addressing: abuse, criminal acts, sexual violence issues linked to strategic working, capacity building, funding, impact evaluation and self improvement; is urgently needed.

•  It is the responsibility of the state to appropriately and adequately rehabilitate and reintegrate offenders into society

• The exceptions to reintegration are: ‘those who severely endangers society’

•       It is the state to monitor and assess the effectiveness and impact of the ‘early release’ of ‘repeated-offenders’

The brutal death of another female by an act of sexual violence is one more death too many.
GAPSW sincerely extend condolences to the family and friends in the loss of their loved one. Simultaneously we pray for forgiveness and healing in this wound of love inflicted upon our ‘Sweet Grenada this is home’.

(The above reflects the views of the Grenada Association of Professional Social Workers)

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