Rae Roberts writes to Camerhogne Park developer

Mr. Danny Farkre

I write in the name of civil society organizations, workers, professionals and the people of Grenada.

Our people have had a great history of passion and deep concern about preserving the natural, historic and cultural heritage of our homeland, Grenada. Today, we are now forced to protest, by way of public petition, a planned attack on our national patrimony.

Our Government through statements made by our Prime Minister and his Ministers has identified you as the purchaser and developer of the lands at Camerhogne Park for a Hotel/Villa project. We must let you know that Camerhogne Park is no ordinary recreational facility. In fact, the area is known to have been occupied by the indigenous people before European settlement and colonialisation.

It is this history that gives the area its special place in the heritage of Grenada. In addition, it virtually represents the last available green space on Grand Anse Beach as all other areas have been allocated to hotel construction.

Apart from the historic value of Camerhogne Park, the land serves important environmental purposes.  In fact, during the development stages of the park, particular attention was paid to the environmental impact when planning for its longevity.

For more than 30 years the people of Grenada and visitors have peacefully enjoyed Camerhogne Park while respecting its historic place in Grenada’s heritage. Given the nature and history of Camerhogne Park, it is not possible to construct an alternative facility in its name. To put a hotel on the land will mean an end to this aspect of our heritage for which development could provide no compensation to the people of Grenada.

Given your passion for the environment in all its forms, we kindly ask that you reconsider your investment at the Park. We welcome your investment opportunities which can be located elsewhere; however, we are unconditionally opposed to any such project on Camerhogne Park, which is precious as the Pyramids in Egypt and the Great Wall of China.

Thanking you for your kind consideration and assistance.


Senator Ray Roberts
Labour Representative
In Parliament & Coordinator
Committee to Save Camerhogne Park

CC: Prime Minister

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