New Parliament building to start within a month

Quinn Co-Design and Construction has signed a contract with the government of Grenada to construct the Grenada Houses of Parliament.

Parliament Building perceived look after its construction

Parliament Building perceived look after its construction

The signing took place last Tuesday at the Ministry of Works for the project, which is due to commence in the next 30 days at a cost $22.8M.

The Governments of Mexico and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have committed US$5 million each for the project.

The site chosen for construction of the new Parliament is the Governor General’s property at Mt. Wheldale.

Minister of Culture, Senator Brenda Hood told reporters at the weekly post-Cabinet Press Briefing that a six-man delegation from the UAE came to Grenada last month to visit the site to see what is actually taking place.

“…I am pleased to report that they are on stream with it. This project will start within the next 30 days … that’s when it will commence by the contractor”, she said.

“Final work on the site preparation as I speak now is in progress by the Marshall Brothers Company,” she added.

The time span given for the completion of the project is 18 months.

The Parliament Building was designed by a local outfit known as Caribbean Office of Co-operative Architecture (COCOA) as a green building.

According to Sen. Hood, with the use of solar energy, Grenada is keeping conscious of the environment.

“One of the benefits of a green building as it relates to solar and all of that is the fact that you don’t have electricity bills to pay and a lot of people are now looking at that because it may cost you a bit up front but over the years you don’t have to pay that.

“In terms of protection of the environment, making sure that you get a lot of light into the building – the structure will be much stronger than it was in the past. You have to think about disaster, you have to think about Hurricane,” she added.

Sen. Hood told reporters that the Parliament Building is another project that will create employment opportunities for some people who are looking for jobs.

“Again, it’s more jobs because this is a major project where you will find many, many persons who are interested in working and are available and have the skills (and) should be employed by the contractor,” she said.

The original Parliament Building at York House was left in ruins following the passage of Hurricane Ivan in September 2004.

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