Over the last 48 hours, the opponents of our party have put into circulation a vicious rumour to the effect that some senior members of our party are being “pushed out” of positions of influence in the party in order to make way for other persons loyal to our political leader.

Delegates at Convention

Delegates at Convention

Special mention has been made, in particular, of our former Chairman, Senator George Vincent; our former General Secretary, Patrick Simmons; and our former Public Relations Officer, Senator Franka Alexis- Bernadine.

We wish to make it clear to all Grenadians – at home and abroad – that there is absolutely no truth to this claim! It is nothing but a vicious rumour.

Its sole purpose is to sow seeds of discord in our party and to create an impression of disunity among us so as to undermine public confidence in the NDC and to excuse the NNP leadership from their abuse of power and authority.

No one can deny that given the results of the last general elections, our party must work diligently to win the next general elections. This requires, among other things, that our Caretakers and potential Candidates spend as much time as is physically possible in their constituencies, listening to the people, getting their views and opinion on issues affecting their lives and doing everything possible to impact their lives in a positive way.

It is also true that many members of the public have been complaining that they are not seeing enough of our caretakers in their constituencies.

Based on these considerations, and with the time for general elections fast approaching, our party leaders collectively took the decision to relieve caretakers of the responsibilities of elected office so that they can concentrate their efforts on the political work in their constituencies.

It was agreed that in this period these roles can best be filled by persons who are not going to, or likely to contest the upcoming general elections as candidates for the party. It was also agreed that an exception would be made for the Political Leader and Deputy Political Leader.

In fact, this decision was reached following the preference expressed by senior leaders to be excused from such responsibility in order to do their political work and improve our chances of success at the polls.

The decision was ratified by our National Executive Council at its last meeting before the Convention on January 7th 2016 and was addressed by our outgoing Chairman at the People’s Parliament following the Convention as well as by Senator Franka Alexis- Bernadine in an interview given to the GBN  last Monday.

Even though the Caretakers and Potential Candidates would not function as elected officers at this time, they remain senior members of our party and members of the National Executive Council.  Furthermore, they are part and parcel of our Caretakers Caucus and will continue to be key spokespersons for our party.

Our Party remains strong and united!!! Don’t be misled by those who wish to destroy us!!.

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