Debate continues over Camerhogne Park

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell has said that he has not made any decision on the future of Camerhogne Park.

“I have said so over and over and over, but some people (are) still on radio and still on TV and saying, ‘do not sell our park’, when in fact we have not sold anything,” Dr. Mitchell said on a radio programme last Sunday.

However, he was quick to add that what is best for the country will be done.

“I don’t intend to do anything that would tarnish my legacy and the country, so I would not do anything,” he said.

According to Prime Minister Mitchell before any move is made to relocate Camerhogne Park consultation will first be held.

“I do not believe that I should listen to just a few loud voices because they have, sometimes, their own agenda, and sometimes even those who don’t have an agenda may have a misunderstanding (of) where we’re heading,” he said.

Dr. Mitchell told the host of the programme that the near 3-year old New National Party (NNP) government will look at the drawings for the hotel and if there is a park close by or in the same area that enhances the relaxation and the opportunities for people to have access to and enjoy the best beach in the country he will not allow “just two voices to deter us from what we believe is fundamentally right for the country.

In his 2016 Budget Speech, Dr. Mitchell told Parliament that the Riviera Hotel is now being designed and during that phase of the project the investors have agreed to construct a new Camerhogne Park nearby.

A petition was recently launched in an effort to save Camerhogne Park from being used for the construction of the so-called Riviera Hotel.

Labour representative in the Senate, Raymond Roberts who is spearheading the petition told a radio programme on Tuesday that to date close to seven thousand signatures have been collected.

Sen. Roberts said the signatures are from people who have voluntarily come forward since they have not ventured out into the Parishes as planned.

He described the process as being “an extremely fruitful exercise.”

Sen. Roberts said they have already written to Dr. Mitchell, Tourism Minister Yolande Bain-Horsford along with other major stakeholders in the country to consider the implications of having Camerhogne Park displaced.

Speculation is rife that the developer, Danny Fakre is planning to use the area to build several condos as opposed to a full-fledged 5-star hotel.

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