Sol gives free fuel for life

Sol representative Kesha Noel-Charles encourages customers to partake in the promotion

Sol representative Kesha Noel-Charles encourages customers to partake in the promotion

One lucky customer will get the chance to win free fuel for life from Sol as it launches its first promotion since its rebrand in 2015.

The promotion, which was launched last week Wednesday at the Venus Conference Room at Wall Street, carries an estimated value of $6000 a year.

Fuel for life officially started on January 21 and will run for eight weeks.

In giving an outline of the promotion, its representative Keisha Noel Charles, said the initiative came to life because Sol prides itself in providing customers with quality products and services

Charles disclosed that the lucky customer would receive free fuel for life up until age 80.

“The promotion will officially start January 21st and will run for 10 weeks giving customers a chance to win this great prize. For every $50 spent on “Sol go further gasoline or diesel” at all Sol branded services stations, you get the chance to win,” she said.

“This promotion highlights our highest quality “Sol go further gasoline and diesel” provided to every customer at our retail sights,” she added.

The company’s Dealer representative, Nigel Garcia is confident that the promotion would prove attractive to many of their loyal customers.

“I know that we have really loyal customers who only use Sol fuel in their tanks and I would just like to take this opportunity to thank them for their loyalty over the years as we continue to improve the quality of our service as we go forward under sol brand,” he remarked.

For every $50 worth of fuel purchased whether on gas or diesel, the purchaser will be provided with an entry form to enter the contest to get a chance to win.

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