Grandmother in trouble over bail surety

A St. David’s woman may have to pay the State $5,000 if her grandson fails to show up at the St. David’s Magistrate’s Court on April 4 to answer a charge laid against him by the Police.

Alex Hazzard who is charged with stealing from a dwelling house failed to keep his court date last week Friday at the St. David’s Magistrate’s Court.

His grandmother, Theresa Hazzard who was present in court was called upon by the sitting Magistrate, Karen Noel to give an account of Alex’s whereabouts.

The elderly lady who signed the bail form for her grandson’s release from police custody told the court she no longer has authority over him.

She said he now lives with his mother at Darbeau, St. George’s, and that he allegedly told her he is not coming to court and “let the police come and get him.”

Police Prosecutor Corporal Kenneth Fortune who felt that it was imperative for Hazzard to make sure that her grandson attends court reminded her of the order she had signed on the bail form.

According to Cpl. Fortune, the grand mother  committed herself to paying $5,000 to the State if the susperct fails to attend court.

However, the woman said she was not aware of the implications of what she had signed.

Magistrate Noel informed her that if Alex is not present in court at the next sitting, she will have to pay the $5000.00 sum of money that was granted for bail.

The Magistrate also ordered that the bench warrant previously issued for Alex’s arrest remain in force.

Six years ago, Michael Hannibal and Paul Fletcher were ordered to pay the State $7,500 each as sureties by retired High Court Judge, Justice Lyle St. Paul for Crofton Hannibal who fled the State on February 23, 2010 after being granted bail for the offense of attempted murder.

Hannibal ran afoul of the law in January 2008 when he allegedly fired three bullets from his licenced firearm into the body of Grenadian-born Michael Antoine who resides in Canada.

The incident arose out of a confrontation over the repayment of money Antoine was seeking to have from Hannibal who is a Draftsman by profession for a job he had done for him.

Hannibal was eventually captured in Botswana in Southern Africa, and was brought back to the State on March 28, 2012.

The convicted man was later fined $150,000 as compensation to Antoine by Madam Justice Clare Henry, and was also placed on a two-year bond in the sum of $15,000 to keep the peace.

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