Over EC$14 million awarded in SGU scholarships

Sixty-nine Grenadian students have been awarded scholarships to pursue higher education at St. George’s University (SGU).

The scholarship recipients will pursue studies in a wide range of areas such as Medicine, Arts & Sciences, Nursing, Health Management and Public Health.

Another successful applicant accepts scholarship award from Minister of State in the Ministry of Education Simon Stiell

In welcoming the new students to SGU for the start of the January 2016 semester, Associate Dean of Students, George McGuire admonished them to “keep your standards high,” as they now have a “responsibility to uplift the institution to higher heights.”

“When you join us you are joining a university that preserves and protects its high standards,” he told the students during a ceremony held at the Grenada Trade Centre at Morne Rouge in Grand Anse, St. George’s last week Wednesday.

Mc Guire, a former Minister of Education in Grenada from 1984-90 pointed out that SGU, which is internationally recognised, has “from the first chartered class (in 1976) to this class (been able) to maintain and raise its standards.”

He stressed that if those “standards were not well protected we would have found that by now we are nothing.”

The students were also addressed by Minister of State in the Ministry of Education, Senator Simon Stiell, who congratulated the scholarship recipients advising them that this year’s scholarships from SGU “exceeds EC$14 million” in value.

Sen. Stiell took the opportunity to remind the students that they are required to sign a bond to give back to the state upon completion of their studies.

He noted that this has been a problem with some scholarship recipients in the past and the 3-year old New National Party (NNP) administration was moving to correct the problem.

He warned that there will be serious consequences for persons who fail to adhere to the bond.

“To this effect the bond process has been reviewed, the policy has been revised and will be strictly enforced moving forward,” he said.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the recipients came from a list of 141 applications that were received by the Scholarship Desk within the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development.

Those who received scholarship to pursue studies in Undergraduate Arts & Sciences were Adeisha Frances James (Biology), Kisha Shenel Bernard, Shanta Subashni Harford, Abihail Avril Nichola Moses and Joycelyn Roma Narine (Accounting & Finance).

The recipients in Information Technology are Chad Cliff Edwards, Careem Antonia Gilbert, Ryan Matthew Mitchell and Karina Nicola Thomas.

Those who are pursuing studies in International Business are Hazel Sabrina Antoine and Alisha Ruth Tina George, International Business and Hospitality, Allana Stacy Bowen, Marketing (Bassie Mitchell), Psychology Nesta Tabitha Jesme Edwards, Charmaine Passee-LaCrette, and Rachelle Anthea Stiell.

Receiving scholarships to undertake an Associate Degree in Nursing were Tahira Tellisa Mary Adams, Kerin Sallysha Cecelia Bristow, Noelle Margaret-Ann Collins, Nickisher Lerona Hinds, Lindy Teriann Jackasal, Akeba Anne Dorothy James, Ambika Jahzeel Joseph, Dennisa Tasheda Lambert, Jenica Alina Mitchell, Deneisha Keisha Smith and Anya Samantha Snagg.

Another successful applicant accepts scholarship award from Minister of State in the Ministry of Education Simon Stiell

Another successful applicant accepts scholarship award from Minister of State in the Ministry of Education Simon Stiell

The student who will be doing Veterinary Medicine at SGU is Jaelene Haynes, Pre-Medicine (Leshae Cenac, Taxanne Gabriel, Monique Prince, Shemrine Richards and Ashley Yearwood).

Julien Kareem Ogilvie, Johnathan Ryan Ramirez, Amanda Renee Gordon, Saieda Allandra Alleyne, Amanda Antonia Edgar, Diana Charmion Shares, Natasha Charles, Samuel Jones, Rebecca DeCoteau Chiddick, Della Candice John, Gemonique Bowen, Kendrina Lewis and Shamel Wellington will be engaged in Medicine studies.

In addition, Avril Adonna Nerissa Edwards, Khary Dialo Delves, Janelle Margaret Julien, Shirleen Jennifer Robertson and Petal Elaine Rush were given scholarships to pursue Master’s Degrees in Multi-Sector Health Management, and Dr. Shawn Charles and Janille Margaret Williams will focus on Masters in Public Health.

Ten scholarship recipients from August 2015 were also awarded during the ceremony – Shennel J. Alexander, Nazaria Cordilla Francin Alexander-Williams, Anne Patricia Bartholomew, Jessie Ann Ruth Cumberbatch, Marcia Doreen Laliet-Louis, Samantha Rockel Lewis, Shawnaly Taheria Tamara Pascal, Carlene Regina Phillip, Roderick Ashton Joseph St. Clair and Jonela Carmada Marisa Wilson.

The students are pursuing Master’s degrees in various study areas but did not receive their ceremonial award.

The ceremony also saw scholarships going out to the 2015 top performers in the CAPE and T.A. Marryshow Community College (TAMCC) Associate Degrees.

The awards were in the following categories – Information Technology (Shania Roberts), Natural Sciences (Ryan De Riggs and Sydney Robertson, Social Sciences (Zoya Buckmire), and Technical Studies (Afya Regis).

THE NEW TODAY understands that SGU is preparing to welcome more than 900 new students in the Spring Semester.

According to Associate Dean of Enrollment, Colin Dowe, typically, the university “would have a lower number in January, so that is normal.”

In an interview following the ceremony, Dowe said, “the largest intake is in the field of medicine with 490 plus new registrants, followed by the School of Arts and Sciences with just shy of 140,” while “99 students joined the Veterinary programme, and (the) others (are) distributed through the premedical programme as well as the Master’s degrees.

Dowe said, “45 persons applied” for the recently re-launched nursing programme, with 31 students commencing studies on January 18.

SGU is the sole provider of nursing education at the Associate Degree level, which was previously offered by the T.A Marryshow Community College (TAMCC).

According to Dowe, discussions are ongoing between Government and SGU “to have a shunt from the associate degree to the baccalaureate programme and those discussions will (continue) to take place in 2016.”

Most of the foreign students attending SGU are recruited from inside the United States.

Dowe disclosed that the university currently “has representation for (students from) 90 different countries across the globe,” with major emphasis placed on the continents of “Asia, Africa and South America.”

He said, the diverse population at SGU “bolsters and supports the international flavour of the university,” noting that the January 2016 intake comprises students from “30 different countries,” around the world.

SGU is recognised for its flagship medical programmes, as well as its significant contribution of approximately 20 percent to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

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