NDC goes to Convention on Sunday

The main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) will hold its annual convention on Sunday amidst reports of some possible changes to be made to the National Executive.

While not wanting to go into great details about the changes, General Secretary of the party, Patrick Simmons told The New Today newspaper that some members of the party who currently hold executive positions have expressed a desire to no longer hold positions on the executive structure.

In an exclusive interview conducted, Simmons said these people are opting out on the grounds that they need to do more party work in their own constituencies.

He believes the position of Political Leader, currently held by former Finance Minster Nazim Burke will go unchallenged.

“Who would go and challenge the Political Leader now?” he asked.

Sen. Burke was elected to lead Congress in 2014 after former Prime Minister Tillman Thomas stepped down from the position.

Burke was given the task to help rebuild NDC followings its humiliating 15-0 defeat by the New National Party (NNP) in the February 2013 general elections.

Simmons dismissed claims in some quarters that NDC is suffering from a leadership crisis.

He said there are people outside of the party who make the statement that the NDC Political Leader is not “people friendly” and do not like him.

“Like they want to choose a Leader for the NDC, but that can’t work,” he quipped.

The annual NDC Convention is being held under the theme, “Reaching Out To You To Build A Better Future For All.”

Simmons said the convention will address a number of in-house matters since there are several issues that the party needs to trash out.

He indicated that the Convention will have to give authorisation to deal with those issues, and as a result much more closed-door activities are on the agenda for the event due to be held at the Hermitage Government Primary School in St. Patrick’s.

According to Simmons, the objective behind the theme is to continue the process of reaching out to the people of Grenada.

He said NDC is currently reaching out to the general public so that they could work together in building a better future for everyone.

He spoke of different methods being used to reach out to the wide cross-section of people with whom the party needs to communicate.

“Going forward at this point, we are targeting different groups of people, different organisations right now to continue the process,” he told THE NEW TODAY.

Simmons acknowledged that there are those who are willing to engage positively, as well as those who listen to the NDC message but are not giving an indication of where they are, and those who may not want to hear anything at this point in time.

The NDC General Secretary said the party recognised that it has to keep on building capacity from the grassroots level as it puts systems in place with the hope of once again taking control of State power.

“We have to keep on engaging those foot soldiers to keep them mobilised and to keep them active in all the constituencies. So I think that is what is being embarked upon for the last couple of years, and I think we have succeeded in many ways in keeping that moving,” he added.

The NDC Convention climaxes with a special sitting of “The People’s Parliament” at the school’s playing field.

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