Digicel Final Cash Grab and launch of Freebies

Digicel had its final Cash Grab of the More the Merrier Christmas Promotion in the Melville Street store on January 8 as well as the launching a brand new pre-paid campaign.

There was a definite buzz in the Melville Street store as the stage was set for the $5000 Cash Grab, the last of the weekly cash grab events before the Grand Finale – the DEALightful, DEALicious, DEALirious Grand Prize Bingo for $20,000 or 2 mystery prizes.

Janelle ThomasThree customers – Veronica Cadore, Janelle Thomas, Cedric Lewis – had their thirty seconds in the vault and grabbed as much as they could.

One of the grabbers, Cadore, received a lusty round of applause as she announced that her grab would all be going toward charity.

Added to the excitement was the launch of Digicel’s brand new Freebies offer, which gives pre-paid customers who top-up between $10 and $20 twenty percent back in bonus credit that can be used to call or text local Digicel numbers.

No activation is necessary. Customers simply top-up their pre-paid phones via direct top-up between $10 and $20 and they automatically receive the twenty percent bonus credit in return.

CEO Ciaràn Burke expressed heartfelt thanks to all who won with the company in the last promotion.

“Congratulations to all of our winners who participated in the More the Merrier Christmas Promotion. It has been a wonderful season and we are happy to have the opportunity to share some joy and happiness around.

Head of Commercial with Cash Grab Contestants“The ride’s not over yet though, we still have big things to look forward to with our Grand Prize event where we get to see even more winners. Today is a special day, not just for our winners, but we launch our brand new Freebies campaign where you get back 20 percent credit just for topping up.

“It’s the start of the year and we’re just getting started. Take advantage of Freebies and look out for more from Digicel all the year through.”

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