Committee to Save Camerhogne Park

More than 4, 500 (four thousand five hundred) Grenadians have signed the Petition to save Camerhogne Park since the launch of the Petition last Thursday.

Also a similar number have signed on-line petitions in London and the New York.

The Petition, an initiative of a Committee comprising of Civil Society groups, workers, professionals, and citizens in general is endeavoring to register in excess of 15-thousand signatures to send to the Government of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell, calling on his government not to sell the lone public park on the beach for the construction of a hotel by an Egyptian billionaire.

The Committee operating under the name Save Camerhogne Park says it will during the week have volunteers in each parish soliciting the signatures of citizens.

Also beginning Wednesday morning, volunteers will be at the bus terminus, St. George’s from 8 in the morning to facilitate the signing.

The Committee to Save Camerhogne Park says it is overwhelmed by the awesome response from Grenadians, noting the tremendous interest of teachers, students, senior citizens and people in general who are calling on the government to recognise that the Park is the only available public space for recreation and social activities.

Again the Committee reiterates that while it welcomes the job opportunities and business that the investment will bring for our people, it unconditionally opposes the Camerhogne Park being taken away from ordinary Grenadians, denying citizens the only available space and public facility on the beach front that was intentionally established to meet their needs and resolve the problem of user conflict.

Letters soliciting the support of the Grenada Conference of Churches, Seventh Day Conference of churches, Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association, and Grenada Chamber of Industry and Commerce were sent to the respective organisations today.

The Committee says the Park was initiated several decades ago as a solution to potential conflicts between the public using the beach and hotel owners and guests, noting that locals felt that they were treated as second-class citizens without any access to facilities that were provided for hotel guests.

In order to resolve those conflicts, a public facility, Camerhogne Park, was deliberately established to specifically cater to the needs of the Grenadian public using the beach.

(The above was submitted by the newly formed Save Camerhogne Park)

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