Anglicans preparing to worship at regular church building

Archdeacon of the Anglican Church in Grenada, Christian Glasgow is looking forward to regular worship at the main church on Church Street, St. George’s which was damaged by Hurricane Ivan in September 2004.

Since the damage to the church, Sunday Worship has been taking place at the nearby St. George’s Anglican Senior School.

Christian Glasgow Archdeacon of the Anglican Church in Grenada

Christian Glasgow Archdeacon of the Anglican Church in Grenada

During his homily on Sunday, Archdeacon Glasgow announced that he will be using 2016 as a year of preparation for returning to the church which is currently under construction.

It is anticipated that renovation work will complete in time for the 2016 Christmas Holiday.

The Archdeacon indicated that it has been 11 years since Anglicans last worshipped as a “Sunday Congregation” at the St. George’s Anglican Church building on Church Street.

He said over the years many things have fallen away from them as Anglicans, with some of the people forgetting some of the very basic traditions of what makes them Anglicans.

“This year for me, would be the year of teaching, of preparation for returning to worshipping as Anglicans – worship in a proper church building,” he told the congregation.

The Head of the local Anglican Church also challenged his congregation to spend at least one hour a week refarmiliarising themselves with the Liturgy Book.

He said he has concluded that it is only on a Sunday morning, routinely, Anglicans take their Liturgy Book out of the hand bag or from the shelf.

Archdeacon Glasgow said the prayer book should be seen as their manual or manifesto for, in it, there are many words of wisdom and descriptions given to them to live the Christian life.

Recently, a monetary contribution of $10,000 was presented by the St. George’s Branch of the Anglican Mothers’ Union towards the rebuilding of the church.

Hermion St. Bernard of the Branch said that since Hurricane Ivan destroyed the church, each year, they have been putting aside a sum of money for the rebuilding project, and the sum presented is from what was saved over the years.

The money was delayed in handing over as members first wanted to see something tangible being done in the reconstruction phase.

Prior to the presentation a shipment of material from Guyana was received for the roof.
Chairperson of the building committee Lana McPhail indicated that work on the church building is now proceeding faster than what was first expected.

McPhail expressed the hope that more money will flow into the rebuilding fund project as they would like to have work on the second phase of the project continue following completion of work on the roof.

During the launch of the rebuilding of the Anglican Church in 2014, it was announced that work will last 18 months.

According to McPhail it took almost one year to obtain the roofing material from Guyana.

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