Mother of Oscar Bartholomew found hanging

Adrianna Bartholomew - was allegedly distraught over the death of her son

Adrianna Bartholomew – was allegedly distraught over the death of her son

Five years after losing her son in controversial circumstances following a brawl with the police, 76-year old Andrianna Bartholomew of La Tante, St. David apparently took her own life.

The elderly lady was the mother of the late Oscar Bartholomew, a naturalised Canadian citizen who died on December 29, 2011 after being embroiled in a struggle with police officers inside the St. David Police Station.

The mother of the slain man was found Tuesday morning hanging from a cocoa tree.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the senior citizen was found by family members around 7.00 a.m. in her hometown village of La Tante.

A release from the Community Relations Department of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) confirmed the incident and indicated that an autopsy is to be conducted to determine the actual cause of death.

Residents in the area told this newspaper that the elderly lady was never the same after her son’s death and became distraught over the failure of the State to bring closure to its investigations into the death.

A male resident who knew the Bartholomew family stated that the woman was almost senile as her health rapidly deteriorated in recent years.

Oscar Bartholomew attracted international attention, especially in Canada when he was deemed to have died at the hands of police officers five years ago.

He was allegedly beaten into a coma by five police officers after he allegedly hugged a female officer that he had mistaken for a friend.

The incident happened on December 26, 2011, while Oscar was in the country visiting his family for the Christmas holiday.

Since then, charges against the five officers have been dropped and they were reinstated.  In 2013 a Coroner’s Inquest was ordered to be conducted to show if the accused persons were culpable for the death of Bartholomew.

THE NEW TODAY understands the inquest is ongoing with no signs of an early end.

Family members continue to accuse the State of dragging its feet on the matter and not showing interest in justice for the Bartholomew family.

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