Clouden calls for reduction in food import bill

Local Attorney, Anselm Clouden has added his voice to the call for a reduction in the food import bill, which is now estimated to be $400M annually.

Clouden who is also engaged in animal husbandry issued the call while doing his annual  supply of beef at a reduced price to the people of the Parish of St. David’s as an act of thanksgiving.

Attorney Clouden – caught on camera selling meat to villagers

Attorney Clouden – caught on camera selling meat to villagers

The Lawyer/Farmer told reporters who were on location where the meat was being sold at Syracuse, St. David’s that if Grenada is able to rear more animals including cows, sheep and goats, the country will become self-sufficient in the production of meat for the nation.

He lamented the fact that there are not many people engaged in animal husbandry in Grenada.

However, he said there are complaints of dogs attacking and destroying animals at nights, and felt that there should be more stringent laws to have dogs contained and not straying so that the animals can be in comfort without being attacked and killed.

The out-spoken Clouden also pleaded for financial assistance to be given to farmers who are engaged in animal husbandry through the provision of small business loans.

He believes it is small businesses that would propel the local economy, and not the big businesses, which he indicated, are already established.

“It is the small businesses that would realise a rapid turnover in capital, and would generate the necessary money that the consumer and producer need,” he said.

Clouden advocated that Grenadians must be given the same opportunity as a foreign investor with respect to incentives.

“So if you give an investor an incentive to get material at such a reduced rate… Grenadians who invest ought to be given liked privileges and incentives, and if that is done the economy will eventually propel itself through investment and spending,” he told reporters.
For the past 20 years, Clouden has been contributing to “the Christmas table” of many locals in St. David’s by providing them with “a reasonable portion of beef at a reasonable price”.

A bull that is about two years old is usually slaughtered by the Attorney/Farmer.
Clouden said he now has on his farm a herd of 12 cattle.

“So I am able every year, over the past 20 years to be certain… that the people of the surrounding areas can look forward to have… meat on the Christmas table,” he remarked.

According to Clouden, what he has been engaged in annually can be put down as ‘a community spirit” as it is something the people of St. David’s appreciate, coupled with the fact that the men who work on his small farm are all from the Parish.

The Lawyer said despite of him being involved full-time with his Law Firm, Grenlaw

“The law is not everything… I love fishing, sailing, farming and other things,” he added.

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