Painful Death in Mt. Gay

Solomon Hankey – met his unfortunate death in tragic circumstances

Solomon Hankey – met his unfortunate death in tragic circumstances

A land slippage in the Glenn, Mt Gay area has left one man dead, after a huge amount of rocks covered the garage of Don Purcell.

Dead is Solomon Hankey, an employee of the garage who was present on the work site last Friday when some rocks above the garage fell and completely covered the garage.

An official of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) told THE NEW TODAY newspaper that lawmen responded to a distressed call from the Mt. Gay area that that some men were buried under some rocks inside of a Garage.

Upon arrival it was discovered that two men escaped with injuries, one being owner of the Garage, Don Purcell, while one was still under the rubble.

In an effort to recover the missing person, excavators and trucks were called in to assist in clearing the huge pile up of rocks.

According to the Police official, the search began on Friday evening and went well into Saturday afternoon when the severely crushed body of Hankey was recovered.

A family member told this newspaper that the deceased who is from the nearby village of La Mode had migrated to Trinidad as a young man and only returned home shortly after the passage of Hurricane Ivan in September 2004.

The garage, owned by Don Purcell, was left submerged under the rubble

The garage, owned by Don Purcell, was left submerged under the rubble

Officer-in-Charge of the Community Relations Department (CRD) of RGPF, ASP Sylvan McIntyre on Monday explained to this newspaper what happened on the day of the fatal accident.

He said: “Central station had a call that some rock fell somewhere down in the Mt Gay area and may have covered some people. As a result, police officers responded and they went up in an area in Mt Gay called the Glenn. On arrival they noticed a huge portion of land slipped from where it was and a building that was partly embedded under the rocks.

“…The police were also told that there were two other persons who escaped with one minor injury and one injury considered serious enough and we were also told that one person who at the time was given as Mr. Hankey is believed to have been covered under the rubble.”

ASP. Mc Intyre used the occasion to thank on behalf of the police force the many villagers and heavy duty machine operators who worked tirelessly to recover the body of Hankey.

“They worked from Friday evening, throughout the Friday night, well into Saturday and around 2:15, 2:20 on Saturday afternoon when the body of Mr. Solomon Hankey, 53 year old was recovered under the rubble.

“…To assist in the process of recovering the remains of Mr. Hankey, lots of the rubble had to be taken away from the area to allow the excavators to have some room to search. His body when recovered was badly crushed and there was literally no chance of (him) surviving.”

The senior police officer also reported that a number of vehicles was also buried under the rubble.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the area in which the garage was situated was once used, as a quarry but ASP Mc Intyre could not say that the land slippage was due to past mining activities.

“There could be a number of contributing factors. I’m not the expert, I’m not the Geologist but from my own layman’s knowledge if you disrupt the course of nature, it’s likely that there would be either positive or negative consequences”, he said.

“So, when people have to erect or modify any aspect of the land, the surface has to be examined thoroughly, tests have to be done…I can’t say what’s the contributing factor but whatever it is, it was devastating…”, he added.

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