Christmas message – Chairman of the Constitution reform advisory committee Dr Francis Alexis

My dear Sisters and Brothers, fellow citizens and residents of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique, on behalf of the Constitution Reform Advisory Committee, I bring to each and every one of you, kindest Season’s Greetings this 2015 Christmas.

Christmas reminds us of the only perfect Constitution ever known on Earth, that given us by the Lord God our Father, Creator of Heaven and Earth. He, at Mt. Sinai, wrote us those towering Ten Commandments. In one of them, He expressly commands us to love Him. In several others of them, in essence, He requires us to love our neighbour.

To complement these Ten Commandments, God gives us other laws.

All these measures may, collectively, be called the Constitution from God to human beings for love, peace, joy and justice.

In time, God let His Son Jesus Christ, be born on Earth, to the Virgin Mary, at Bethlehem, to save us from our sins, to reconcile us with our Creator God. It is this birth of Christ, true God and true human, we celebrate in this season, Christmas.

Reinforcing the Constitution from God our Father, Christ commands us to love God our Father; and to love, not only our neighbour, but also strangers, likewise enemies. Christ exemplifies love, laying down his life for us, out of love, to afford us life everlasting.

Love, with the faith showed us by Christ in obeying our father unto accepting death, and the charity practised by Christ restoring life to the dead, we nurture abundantly at Christmas.

It is our hope that we be blessed by God with the grace needed to live out these virtues all year round.

While Christ came from Heaven to Earth to fulfil the Constitution from God, Christ reformed the Constitution appropriately. Christ converses equally with Gentiles and Jews. Christ respects women just as men, the first human seeing him after his resurrection being a woman. The circumcision law is reformed, to not require Gentiles to be subjected to it as Jews. He preaches that the Sabbath is made for human, and not vice versa.

So, too, the Constitution of Grenada needs to be reformed appropriately. Public consultations on this have been going on among Grenadians since 1985. Out of these have come the six Constitution Reform Bills which were given their First Reading in the House of Representatives on the 4th of this month, making this December very historic.

Let each of us think on these things deeply in our heart this Christmas.

Let us pray that we do so with the grace and inspiration which derive from pondering the birth on Earth of the font of love and justice, our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Sisters and Brothers, I pray that God, through Christ, with the Holy Spirit, richly bless us all with profound joy and peace in a spirit-filled season, this 2015 Christmas.

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