China brings in hospital ship

The Ark Peace Mission Harmony, a fully loaded medical ship from China, is currently in Grenada delivering a variety of medical services to locals free of cost.

The reception had in attendance many government officials

The reception had in attendance many government officials

A welcome reception aboard the ship on Monday night revealed that over three thousand persons have already received basic and advanced healthcare of all kinds.

The reception was attended by the resident Chinese Ambassador to Grenada, Madam Ou Boqian, as well as government officials and other stakeholders.

The ship is built with 300 sick beds and a staff of 398 persons, which include neurologists, surgeons, radiologists, dermatologists, bio-medical engineers and psychologists.

It also comes with a rescue helicopter, 32 medical departments including Chinese herbal medicine, 5 offices for doctors, 2 nursing offices, 8 nursing stations and 8 surgery rooms, 20 nursing wards, 108 in-serious wounds wards, 67 burn wards, 94 in-ordinary wards and 10 isolation wards and a wide range of diagnostic medical equipment.

According to Ambassador Boqian, the medical experts have travelled throughout the country delivering the services since their arrival in the spice Isle.

“From today on medical experts also travel to the General Hospital, to the community medical centers, visit Richmond Hill Home for the Aged, Dorothy Hopkin centre,” said the Ambassador.

The Ark Peace – China’s Hospital Ship

The Ark Peace – China’s Hospital Ship

She attributed the visit of the medical ship to the successful relationship Grenada and China have had over the year, adding that the two countries were about to close 2015 and were looking forward to greater things in 2016.

“I have every reason to believe the year 2016 is only a new beginning of our relations for the next decade and decades to come”, she remarked.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Clarice Modeste-Curwen thanked China through the Ambassador and the ship’s Commander for the quality of services they are delivering to the people.

She alluded to “the quality and the variety of healthcare that are being offered, some of them, not readily available and some of them not available in the public sector and have to (be) sought privately”.

The female government minister noted that the Chinese assistance “is given with all the love from the Chinese people and it is free of cost”.

“…The reality of the relationship between Grenada and China has been very evident. We just have to take a walk just up the road to the two stadiums, which the Chinese were very instrumental in providing for Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique,” she added.

Echoing similar sentiments was Minister of Health, Nickolas Steele who also thanked the Chinese Ambassador for the efforts they have put into Grenada’s development and what they will continue to do.

The Ark Peace leaves the island on Saturday at the end of a one-week visit to provide healthcare services.

Ambassador Ou Boqian – says this is just the beginning of relationship between the two countries

Ambassador Ou Boqian – says this is just the beginning of relationship between the two countries

Grenada and China resumed diplomatic ties in 2005, within weeks of the decision taken by Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell to cut ties with the Republic of China (ROC) on Taiwan.

Beijing enticed St. George’s to dump its renegade province with an offer of massive assistance following the devastation caused to the island by Hurricane Ivan in September 2004.

China agreed to rebuild the national cricket stadium and provide thousands of low-income houses for Grenadians.

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