Canadian Woman Missing

Police on Tuesday night detained one man for questioning in connection with the mysterious disappearance early Sunday morning of a Canadian woman who is a Faculty member of St. George’s University (SGU).

Linnea Veinotte – who went missing early Sunday

Linnea Veinotte – who went missing early Sunday

Thirty six year old Linnea Veinotte, a mother of two boys, both under the age of 10, took up residency at Coral Crescent, Lance Aux Epines about three months ago after joining the staff at the American-owned offshore university.

The Canadian woman who was born in New Denmark, New Brunswick, was out jogging with her dog Nico in the area when she reportedly disappeared.

THE NEW TODAY was told that one male person was taken into custody and grilled for hours Tuesday night at South St. George Police station at Morne Rouge in Grand Anse by officers of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF).

This newspaper understands that the detained man is a student of SGU and might have been studying Psychology at the university for the past five years.

Police reportedly swooped down on him following information passed onto them by someone who is also associated with the school.

A well-placed source told this newspaper that the man denied any knowledge of the incident and that he is not even familiar with the Lance Aux Epines area.

The woman’s husband, Matt Veinotte, has put out a $100,000 reward for any information leading to the location of his wife.

Matt issued a detailed statement Monday on what he said possibly happened to his wife while jogging.

“Linnea was out running this morning (Sunday) with our dog Nico.  Both she and the dog were struck by a vehicle at approximately 8:15 a.m. in Coral Cresent LAE.  The vehicle was a Suzuki Vitra or Escudo (navy blue or dark grey) with damage to the front right side of the vehicle.

“The person (driver of the vehicle) is believed to have had a flat tyre and would have had to change it in the close proximity. If anyone recalls seeing anything in this regards, please contact someone at the numbers below.

“…Linnea is 5’6″ weighing 115lbs, light brown hair and brown eyes and was wearing a pink/purple tank top and green running shorts with purple Adidas running shoes;
“…I am offering $100,000XCD for information leading to the whereabouts of my wife!!!!  Please contact me directly at 538-7480 or Steven Babiak (SGU) at 459-0558 or RGPF at 405-3961.”

Assistant Superintendent of Police, Sylvan McIntyre who is the head of the Community Relations Department (CRD) of RGPF told this newspaper on Tuesday that the lawmen are “leaving no stones unturned” in their investigations into the matter.

He said that police officers who are currently off-duty and those given pass to go home have been called back into active duty to help join in the search for the missing woman.

With an expanded, islandwide search, ASP McIntyre is hopeful that Linnea would be found.

He said although the police force has had cooperation from the husband and others, “there is nothing precise that we can bank on”.

He admitted that the police investigators have so far found nothing “substantial enough” to lead them to where the missing Canadian woman might be.

ASP McIntyre reported that persons in nearby vicinity heard the screech of tires before an impact, and officers found blood at the scene, but none of the subsequent tips have helped locate Veinotte.

He also said that all units of the force are involved in the search for the missing Canadian woman.

An official release issued by RGPF on Monday stated, “Police have mounted an island-wide search for a woman who went missing while walking the family dog.

“Linnea Veinotte, 36 years old, Canadian citizen, presently residing at Lance Aux Epines, St. George left her residence about 07:00 a.m. on Sunday 6th December, 2015. Linnea who is about five feet, six inches tall and weighs approximately 115 pounds was last wearing a green pair of shorts, a tank top, a pair of purple running shoes, a black bandana and a pair of sunglasses.

“Police are appealing to anyone with information on the whereabouts of the missing woman to contact Criminal Investigations Department at 440 3921, police hotline at 444 1958, South St. George Police Station at 444 4454, emergency at 911 or the nearest police station.”

With the Canadian press focusing their attention on the Spice Isle, the local police force issued another statement Tuesday morning in which officials called the situation “unfortunate and senseless.”

“This matter is deeply disturbing to the Commissioner (of Police, Winston James) and he continues to give it urgent priority as it is needed,” the statement read.

“For the first time in over 25 years all pass and off duty police officers were called in to deal with a missing person report”, it added.

THE NEW TODAY contacted the husband of the woman on Tuesday but he declined to comment on the matter.

This newspaper was told that “the family is not in a position to give any comment on the matter.”

Meanwhile, the father of  the missing Canadian woman says the family hasn’t received any further news on her whereabouts since Sunday.

Her father, Rev. Doug Moore, is the pastor at Fredericton’s St. Matthew’s Lutheran church on Regent Street.

He said his wife, Karen, left for Grenada on Monday morning.

“I’ve been a pastor almost 40 years,” he told Global News.

“I’ve been there for other people’s tragedies, many young lives lost. Maybe that’s why I’m doing okay.”

According to a Facebook page dedicated to finding Veinotte, her husband, Matt, is offering a $100,000 XCD (East Caribbean Dollars) reward for information leading to the whereabouts of his wife.

Veinotte is a mother of two sons, aged five and six, and was working at SGU after finishing a postdoctoral fellowship in microbiology at Dalhousie University.

She has a permanent residence in Glen Haven, Nova Scotia in Canada.
Some of her family is travelling from the Maritimes to Grenada to help in the search.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is prepared to offer assistance to their counterparts in Grenada if a request is made for help in the ongoing investigations.

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