Armed masked men hit St George’s Market

A call has been made for persons with shops and bars and the General Public at large to be on the lookout for four armed masked men who seem to be on a robbing spree.

The wound that “Mr. Fix It” received after his encounter with the masked men

The wound that “Mr. Fix It” received after his encounter with the masked men

The call was made by an individual known as “Mr. Fix It” who operates a booth in a section of the St. George’s Market repairing stoves, fans, fridges and other appliances.

The River Road man relayed his ordeal to THE NEW TODAY newspaper after being attacked just after midnight Tuesday at his work place.

According to “Mr. Fix It”, around 12:30 a.m. on Wednesday, he and another bar operator were  attacked with guns and knives at the Market Square as they were preparing to retire for the day.

He said that four men, who were dressed in black and carrying two guns and knives, accosted them.

He spoke of the armed bandits asking for Brian, who operates a popular bar at the Market.

‘Mr. Fix it” said when he first noticed the vehicle making a stop on Grenville Street overlooking the Market Square, he thought policemen were coming to do a raid at “Jam Rock” within the St George’s Market.

He told THE NEW TODAY that the men jumped “out from a  black vehicle and fly down the steps and when they run down they had mask in their face and they had two Remington guns”.

“…They were shouting, way Brian, way Brian, we want the money, way Brian. I said, “we don’t have no money and (they) started hitting us with the gun and slapping and so on. One said, “let we shoot them and kill them, let we kill them now” and one man say, “nah, doh kill them yet,” he recalled.

As a result of the attack and assault on him, “Mr. Fix It” received two stab wounds to his shoulder.

“They turned to stab me in my chest. I ended up turning away and when I turned away I got two stabs on my shoulder, two of them (got) 6 stitches,” he said.

According to the small-scale business operator, he started to plead with God to save the lives of both he and his friend in the Market.

“I was saying, Lord, you really sure that you ready for me, you sure you really want to close the book. I said, “Lord if you know you don’t want to close the book, show us that you really love us,” he said.

The armed bandits also took away two cell phones and less than a hundred dollars in cash from the two men in the Market.

“Mr. Fix it” is appealing to Grenadians to be conscious of their surroundings and exercise caution during this Christmas holiday period.

“I understand it has some men that are going around robbing people, they are beating you up and robbing…it is four men that is doing that. Be careful of what’s happening around after 9, half past 9 – secure yourself…this is Christmas, keep your house locked properly, they are driving in vehicles and all in black dressing like police…be on the lookout for them,” he warned.

This newspaper understands that the four-armed masked men had struck at several other places on the same night including at a house in Belmont in which a businessman was robbed of thousands of dollars.

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