Sandals LaSouce adds more rooms

With a Pure Grenada, nature centered theme, the world renowned Sandals La Source will be adding 24 suites to its already 125 room resort at Point Salines.

Head table at the announcement of Sandals LaSource additional room stock

Head table at the announcement of Sandals LaSource additional room stock

This announcement was made during a media conference at Sandals La Source last week, by Chairman Gordon “Butch” Stewart in the presence of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell.

This is the first addition made to the resort since it officially opened for business in December 2013.

Project Manager at Sandals Resorts, Terrence Des Vignes outlined to the poll of assembled reporters the concepts the rooms will follow.

“We want to do something around the nature, around a lagoon. So, what we are trying to do is sell it as a Grenada product…the artwork will be generally with respect to Grenada.

“The rooms are good size, it’s 500 sq ft. You’ll have a soaking hot tub on the balcony, you have a shower and a bathtub inside the room for those who want more privacy but what you do is you overlook a lagoon with nature, inside that lagoon.

“When we took out one or two of the ponds throughout this property, we collected all the crayfish and all the tilapia and we placed it in that same pond and some indigenous ducks and a lot of iguanas.

An insight into what the rooms are expected to look like upon completion

An insight into what the rooms are expected to look like upon completion

According to Des Vignes, the rooms which will be built by Quinn Construction company will see approximately 100 men working on the ground.

The Chairman of the multi-million dollar resort said that Sandals LaSource has been breaking grounds in Grenada as well as internationally and this addition to the room stock is just another way of continuing the growth.

Stewart said: “The range and quality of the accommodation are really superb in every which way. You can see it in the finishes, you can see it in the luxury, and you can see it in the equipment of the rooms and the suites. We have had great reaction out of the trade and the travel size of the business, from all works and we really want to continue evolving.

“These 24 suites that are being built, there is a little area that fits perfectly in front of a nice little lake, so you get lake views, its environmentally friendly,” he added.

Prime Minister Mitchell welcomed the additional rooms, noting the benefits that Sandals Resorts have brought to Grenada in the past two years.

“We are all aware of what Sandals has done to this country and to our product…we are constrained in terms of direct money from government and we will try and do as much as we can with the resources we have but if we marry what we have with significant activity or with persons and groups like Sandals, a combination of what Grenada can give directly and the marketing potential of those persons that I mention a while ago, we take off in wonder,” PM Mitchell said.

Local Hotelier, Sir Royston Hopkin, a close friend of Stewart gave full support to the new rooms being added to the resort by the colourful Jamaican entrepreneur, saying that it did not come as a surprise to him.

“In conversations with Butch over the years, he always did say it is not feasible (to run a successful resort of the kind) under 250, 275, 300 rooms. Butch, I want to say how happy I am that you have taken the steps to add more rooms because while you have…. to benefit from your investment … Grenada is going to benefit just as good with you being here…there is nothing to stop you and there will be nothing to stop us here in Grenada once we have you leading the charge”, he said.

Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation, Yolande Bain-Horsford who was also present noted that the additional rooms being constructed by Sandals is just a start to the 2000 room stock Grenada is aiming towards.

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