The More the Merrier Christmas with Digicel

The More the Merrier Christmas promotion continues to reward new winners every week for the season.

The week 2 Cash Grab was held at the Digicel Melville Street store on Wednesday, December 9 and the week 3 Cash Grab followed at the Digicel Grenville store on Friday, December11.

The Melville Street store saw lots of action on Wednesday as Digicel did an island-wide Digi-Double pre-paid offer, giving double on-net credit for anyone topping up $10 or more.

This set the stage for the cash grab where the selectees – Jason Skeete, Anthony Sam, and Shenally Newton – took their chance in the $5000 vault.

Each customer expressed that their experience was enjoyable and they hope to win more in the future.

Digicel Grenville was teeming with excitement as the store held a Fantastic Friday event, treating walk-in customers to deals on handsets and credit offers as well as a chance to win pre-paid credit in the “Fast-Fingers” game.

The store was packed with persons taking advantage of the deals, as well as those there to witness the cash grab.

Jessica Bartholomew and Damion Edgar were the lucky customers to enter the $5000 cash vault.

Thirty seconds ended with grabbers leaving the vault with celebration dances and big smiles.

“We’re halfway through the Cash Grabs, three more to go, plus the huge DEALightful, DEALicious, DEALirious Grand Prize Bingo to follow… the excitement is just beginning. We would like to remind our customers that all you have to do is top up $12 or more, activate any data plan, or pay your bill in full and on time to be eligible to enter this competition, it’s that easy. Also, follow Digicel Grenada on social media and look out for the Cash Grab highlight videos on YouTube. We’re looking forward to seeing more and more winners for this promotion”, said, Reyan Neckles, Head of Commercial at Digicel.

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