CIBC contributes thousands to cancer awareness

CIBC First Caribbean Bank has once again given generously to the Grenada Cancer Society.

Nigel Ollivierre (left) with members of the Grenada Cancer Society

Nigel Ollivierre (left) with members of the Grenada Cancer Society

The bank, formerly known as Barclays Bank International has donated $26,600 to the society, $10,000 more than last year.

The money will be used to help in the continued awareness about cancer and in early detection and prevention of the deadly disease.

The presentation of the cheque was done last Thursday at the bank in the presence of all the sponsors who contributed to the fundraising drive.

Country manger of CIBC First Caribbean, Nigel Ollivierre told the NEW TODAY newspaper that the donation to the society is part of the bank’s “walk for cure” activity that began four years ago.

This initiative, he said, is something that is active in all 17 territories where the bank offers its services.

“This year, here in Grenada what we did, we had a number of activities to assist in raising of funds. We had a luncheon, we typically had a kind of weekly thing where staff can dress down and we charge them for it and then we brought on board a number of sponsors who bought packages because we sold T Shirts and we have about 20 odd sponsors”, he said.
“…We were able to raise in excess of $26,000 EC dollars…all to help with the continued raising of awareness with respect to cancer and also in the treatment of patients and whatever else that they do, that go towards the cause of supporting and those who are stricken with cancer and prevention and early detection of cancer,” he added.

Ollivierre disclosed that in all 17 territories where the bank operates, the funds raised amounted to about US$400,000.

“Each country would have sort of given to the local society to the cause. We raised about $16,000 last year and so we stepped it up and next year we intend to do better because the more we raise in terms of the funds and the more awareness we can bring to this, we believe would have done a fairly good job to assist with this.

“It’s more (like) giving back to the community in which we operate; we do not expect to get any particular direct benefit from it. We felt that this was a very worthy cause in an area where our parent company CIBC has sort of champion and supported for many years.

According to Ollivierre, the bank is hoping to raise another $10,000 in 2015 as they continue to follow in the footsteps of its parent company.

He spoke of the bank being committed to help those organisations that tend to do good work in the respective communities but have limited financial resources.

He admitted that many of these bodies “are trying their best but very often financial constraints are what limit them…”.

“…We also looking at the number of persons who participate (in the fundraising)…the more people we get involved in this, the more people become aware of the ills of cancer and taking care of themselves, seeing what they can do to get their checks done,” said Ollivierre.

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