Policy governing Imani Programme

Disciplinary measures are in place as part of the functioning of the Imani Programme, according to Youth and Sports Minister Emmalin Pierre.

In an address delivered in Parliament last week, The Youth Minister outlined the regiment that governs the operations of the programme that was launched in 2013 shortly after the New National Party (NNP) regained control of the government.

A section of the policy document of the Imani Programme that was read by Minister Pierre in Parliament states that by the fifth of each month, the payroll officer prepares a deduction list for the previous month based on absent days, and a deactivation list.

She said that as a result of the implementation of the policy there was a total deduction of $9,709.09 from the payroll for the month of October.

“This is the enforcement of the policy as it relates to attendants,” she told the Lower House.
Minister Pierre announced that 151 persons came off the programme in October.

She said the policy stipulates that after a certain number of days on sick leave or maternity leave, the deduction is applied, and that 23 persons, in the month of October, fell short in that area.

Two of the trainees faced disciplinary enforcement, five were on migration, special leave and leave request.

In addition, forty-two persons were disciplined for non-attendance at classes or on the job site, nine abandoned the job sites, while 20 persons were deactivated in October as they found employment outside of the Imani Programme.

The female Government Minister disclosed that this year alone her ministry invested just over $20,000 in moving the programme to an online system.

Minister Pierre pointed out that over three thousand persons were engaged in the Imani programme this year.

The Keith Mitchell-led administration in St. George’s has been looking to the Imani programme to help create job opportunities for some of the nation’s young people.

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