NDC: Save the jobs at Postal Cooperation

The ruling New National Party (NNP) government of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell should live up to its promises of jobs, jobs and more jobs rather than create job losses.

This was the charge made by Deputy Political Leader of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Joseph Andall, who was speaking at a recent media briefing at the party’s headquarters on H.A Blaize Street in St. George’s.

Andall attacked the NNP policy on job losses in light of the decision taken to send 130 workers home at year-end as part of retrenchment policy at the state-run Grenada Postal Cooperation (GPC).

According to Andall, one of the mantras of the NNP in its campaign to win the 2013 election was that there would be jobs for those who want to work.

He said: “In October of 2013, Dr Keith Mitchell addressed the nation and one of the things that was stressed was that, there would be no retrenchment of workers. Now we all know that some people find ways and means and they would try to convince (us) that it is not the government that is laying off the workers but instead the statutory body doing that but everyone is aware that the statutory body receive most of their funding through government subventions and especially now with the enactment of the fiscal responsibility legislation, the cooperation of those entities as strictly monitored and to a great extent guided by government policies,” he said.

The NDC No.2 political leader indicated that his party would not allow the Mitchell government to use legalism and semantics to wiggle away from the commitment given to the electorate.

“This (sending home of GPC employees) comes at a time when people are looking forward to having a good time with family, friends relatives and so on and it is a particularly cruel blow to the workers, many of whom have given decades of service to the Postal Corporation and by extension to the people of our country. This should not be taken lightly; we must hold the government accountable for the words uttered by them over and over. They promised to deliver jobs, not job losses,” he said.

Andall called on the NNP regime to preserve the jobs of those workers as “they have done nothing to deserve this.”

“These are people with commitments, who have bills to pay, who have car loans, who have mortgages, who have children and who have to eat and in spite of all the fancy talk about jobs in this country we all know that jobs are disappearing faster than the one or two that are coming on stream,” he said.

The Mitchell-led NNP swept all 15 seats in the last general election as it campaigned on the promise of building a new economy for the island and creating thousands of jobs through several projects including five new hotels through foreign investors.

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