Grenadian swimmer in training at SHIRE Institute

One of the country’s best performing swimmers, Corey Ollivierre, has been granted a seven-month scholarship to obtain high-level training overseas, in preparation for 2016 Olympic Games in RIO, Brazil.

Corey Ollivierre (centre) receives swimming scholarship from FINA

Corey Ollivierre (centre) receives swimming scholarship from FINA

The 18-year-old left the island last week Tuesday to commence training at the SPIRE Institute, Ohio, which is considered to be one of the largest indoor, multi-sport, training and competition complexes in the world.

The International Swimming Federation also known as the Fédération international de notation (FINA), granted Ollivierre a full scholarship after considering his nomination by the Grenada Amateur Swimming Association (GASA), the local swimming organisation.

GASA President, Nigel Ollivierre, told THE NEW TODAY, that his son, Corey, is primarily a breaststroker, who has brought home gold silver and bronze medals throughout the years.

“He (Corey) has been participating in the CARIFTA games since 2009 and has usually won the breast stroke events… So that, (the breast stroke), has been his strong stroke,” Ollivierre told the newspaper.

“We are very pleased with the opportunity that Corey was able to access. We are hopeful that he will be able to go out there and sort of be a pioneer for swimming,” he said, adding, it is the hope that Corey would be able (to meet the qualifying time in his category) to qualify for the 2016 RIO games fixed for The City of Rio de Janeiro Brazil (5 -12 August 2016).

According to Ollivierre, to the best of his knowledge, no Grenadian swimmer has ever qualified for the Olympics.

He said “the Grenada Olympic Committee (GOC) has the choice to make a selection if a person does not qualify to attend the Olympics…Grenada has never had a swimmer that qualified for the Olympics.”

He said, GASA is optimistic that Corey could become the first Grenadian to qualify for the anticipated event.

“Of course we would like for him to develop and qualify for the Olympics and make Grenada proud,” the GASA President said noting, while “we (the swimmers in Grenada) don’t have a great facility (as) yet” it is the strong belief that “if one swimmer can go out there and do well and prove that Grenada has the talent, if we get the facilities and the other things to go along with that then we can do good things.”

“Plus it is also encouraging for other younger swimmers to see that there are opportunities out there,” he added.

Corey was also part of the 37-member team that brought home the winning trophy from the recently held 25th Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States Swimming Championships in Antigua.

According to GASA, Corey has pledged to do his very best during his tenure at the SPIRE Institute, which provides 750,000 square feet of Olympic-grade indoor training and competition facilities, and tens of acres of outdoor fields featuring the best artificial turf available.

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