Gift of Fertiliser not for all

People owning farm lands but are not engaged in farming will not be among farmers to benefit from the gift of fertilisers given to Grenada by Morocco.

That’s the word from Agriculture Minister Roland Bhola in a ministerial statement delivered to the House of Representatives last week Friday.

A consignment of 7,200 bags of fertiliser came into the country as a gift from the African country to assist farmers with their crop production.

Minister Roland Bhola outlined the guidelines that were put in place for the distribution of the fertilisers.

He said Extension Officers from the Ministry of Agriculture will first visit farmers to ensure that they are actually engage in farming.

“So the fertiliser is not for persons who have farm lands, it is for persons who are engaged in farming,” he told Parliament.

“So you would not qualify to get the fertiliser at the concessionary rate simply because you have agricultural lands or you have documents to prove that you own lands. You would only qualify if you are engaged in active farming,” he said.

The Agriculture Minister disclosed that the Cabinet of Ministers at their weekly meetings agreed that farmers should pay an average of $75.00 per bag which contains one hundred and ten pounds of fertiliser.

Bhola spoke of the price being asked for the fertilizer is seventy percent less than what is quoted on the market.

The state-run Grenada Marketing and National Importing Board (GMNIB) is charged with the responsibility of distributing fertilisers to banana farmers, and  to provide small quantities to back-yard farmers.

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